Recently read an old discussion on Coffeed, regarding the value vs. cost of pouring kettles commonly used in manual brewing. The standard would have to be the Hario Buono, with the Takahiro used in some shops with more spending money.  I wanted a kettle for home, but I couldn't justify over $50, so I started shopping around for an alternative. I looked at several things but never really found something that worked for me.

Recently, fellow BX'er James Spano revealed an obscure, overseas website store called Homeloo, that sells items for all parts of the home. In their kitchen section were a couple of water kettles that looked promising.

I ordered one, and am testing it now, and must say, for the money spent, I am thrilled! I can't speak to its durability, but used on periodic basis at home, it works well. At least I can hone my Chemex technique now, and when I start brewing with the v60, I will be prepared.

Here's the link to the one I got, but there is another listed in the Kitchen section:

What other solutions do some of you use for pouring kettles?

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@Jeremy - Sorry to hear that. Did you get the little round kettle, or the beehive-shaped one? My round kettle doesn't have a bolt anywhere. The handle is brazed on.
I was wondering the same thing. We've ordered 4 of the round and 1 beehive shaped and all have been fine. (Didn't like the beehive one as weel and gave it to a wholesale client so can't check it's handle attachment until at their location.)

Paul Yates said:
@Jeremy - Sorry to hear that. Did you get the little round kettle, or the beehive-shaped one? My round kettle doesn't have a bolt anywhere. The handle is brazed on.
The larger, 'beehive' kettle with the upward set handle. I'm sure I'll find a decent workaround that won't look too ghetto, but an offer to exchange the kettle for a complete unit + return shipping would have netted them a return customer.
I bought one of these also and I really like it, the only problem is that I wish it was a little bigger and also lid on mine does not attach very well and gets very hot so I can't hold it while I pour unless I use a towel. This of course is not a ridiculous inconvenience, and I'm sure I can find some type of silicon to cover it with. Overall I also feel much better about this buy than I do about purchasing the Hario kettle.

Kinda late to this discussion but I just thought I'd add another strong endorsement of the Homeloo kettle. Just got mine yesterday and was instantly blown away by the level of control this thing offers. Also, I have to say that with the round design the weight distribution is even so it only takes the subtlest of movements to get the pour at exactly the right rate you prefer.


I do wish, though, that the designer(s) had thought to put some sort of coating on the handle and the lid top. (On the flip side, the handle actually cools down fairly quickly while the kettle itself retains a great deal of heat.)


Recently picked up a stainless steel dripper from Tiamo and when used in conjunction with this Homeloo kettle I've already noticed a significant amount of heat retention. My morning brew pretty much stayed hot to the last drop. Not to mention a significant amount of money retention as the Homeloo is less than half the cost of the Hario.


Sorry for the Maxwell House reference!

I recently set out to equip my new shop with pour over kettles and was having a great deal of trouble finding Hario product (I was told this was because of the earthquake/tsunami). So, I set about looking for acceptable alternatives and was amazed out how few alternatives were offered by industry players. What I ended up with were stainless steel olive oil cans; they're made by a myriad of manufacturers, meet the required design parameters, and cost about half as much as the Hario. As an added bonus, there are a great many cool vintage cans on the market as well.

Hows the heat retention on those Olive Oil cans? Just doing a quick search on Amazon did come up with some cool ones. Generally a little small but there are at least a few 24oz ones.


What am I missing on the shipping from the Homeloo place? Its more expensive to ship multiples on a single order than ordering individually. Shipping for 1 to me is 13.00, shipping for 3 at a time is about 42.00. I was hoping ordering multiples (since I would like to get 2 or 3 to use) would work out a better deal, guess not. Oh well, guess I'll just order up 1 for now to test.

i'm looking to get myself a Tiamo kettle.. anyone ever try these?

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