Maybe I am the only one who is bothered by this, but it makes me crazy when people post a message in a totally inappropriate discussion area.


Maybe it's just being lazy, or they are disrespectful to the other members by wasting their time.


I recommend that the moderator(s) simply delete postings made in the wrong area. Not only should this be easier than moving them, but it will also get the message across.


If I am the only one who is bothered by this, I will stop my ranting and just deal with it.


"the oldest guy at your party"

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If people post in the wrong area, then they are saying "I'm more important than you, so you should check every forum to look for my posting".


If someone has a question about a roaster, why the heck should they post it in "Barista Exchanges & Travel"


I believe that by deleting the postings, the posters will catch on really quickly and do the right thing.


BTW - I LOVE this group and appreciate the knowledge I have gained from the experienced, sharing members.


"the oldest guy at your party"


I promise to stop complaining and hope for compliance.

You are the only one that is bothered. And you talk about it being a waste of time like someone is FORCING you to take the time to reply JUST TO SAY its in the wrong forum. I agree with todd 100%.


It is not disrespectful. It is not saying "check every forum to find mine"


No one is forcing you to read anything you don't want to. If you're in Barista Exchanges and Travel and you see a post that doesn't belong, assume its not what you're looking for, and keep browsing. Moderate yourself stop worrying about what everyone else is doing.

  I also come here to talk coffee with fellow coffee nerds. If someone posts in the wrong place its not a big deal, if someone miss spells a word its not a big deal. I dont see at all how this is disrespectful to anyone. Ya i may have missed that box at the the bottom of the page, but how does that hurt you or anyone else? Ron I think your reading into this way too much.


I will say that this doesn't bother me at all, but I can see how it may be unhelpful for the person who actually put the posting up, because people searching in a specific forum will not find that topic.  But to offer a possible solution maybe the category box should not be defaulted on "B E & T" but rather on a "Please choose one of the following" tabs, so people cannot post unless they pick one.  I know nothing of web design or anything of the sort so it may be hard to do, but just a thought!

Daniel, that's a good idea regarding the default selection... maybe its something we can do, maybe not. The thing to remember is that we don't code this page, the community is built on a platform (ning) that we customize. This does place some restrictions on the things that we can and can't do.


Ron, I think I can speak for the rest of the moderators when I say that we probably won't start deleting discussions for posting in the wrong area.


The other thing to remember is, the majority of the people that make the mistake have no idea of the effect for some users. Quite a few people (dare I say most?) browse the forums from the main page, which shows the 10 most recent discussions, regardless of topic. This is how I read stuff here. When I have to go farther back than that, I just flip to "discussions" view instead of topics, and it shows discussions in chronological order.

Daniel, just checked, and doesn't look like we can do that.

Boo :(

Brady said:

Daniel, just checked, and doesn't look like we can do that.

The problem is that "Barista Exchanges & Travel" is the first choice for categories, and if the poster does not select a different category, all posts go here. Occasionally I will spend some time fixing posts .. but with the massive amount of posts, it is time consuming. I will look into it in more detail and see what I can do to help with this.


Daniel ... would you like to be a "moderator" and you will then have access to change the categories. :) I'm serious. Brady and the team are staying busy and I'd appreciate the help.

Clearly, I am the only one who has an issue with this.
I will learn to accept it.

I look forward to more great, informative postings, wherever they show up.

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