Portafilter: To leave -or not to leave- spent espresso in them?!

I have been having conflicting thoughts about whether to leave spent espresso in the portafilters or be sure to dump them out after each pull. I know for competition sake we are allowed to keep spent espresso in to control the temperature of the portafilters. But, when considering to make this a practice at our 8 retail locations, I become hesitant. What if it is a slow night and the espresso ends up sitting in the portafilter for 10 minutes or longer? Will the portafilter become saturated with nasty oils?

What do ya'll think? Should we continue emptying the portafilters after each pull? (We don't have many problems with this procedure)


Should we begin to keep the spent grounds in the portafilter??

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There have been many of these threads. Especially since competition rules allow for leaving the pucks in now.

My system is to leave them in when we're busy and rinse them out when we're not. It makes for a slight inconsistency in my non-p.i.d. Linea, but that's the price you have to pay. I should mention that all of my portafilters have splitters. If i were using bottomless i would be more apt to clean them out often, as it seems that bottomless allows for even more puck-drying-to-basket action.
i would agree with ricky. leave em in when your busy and dump em when it slows down. not that difficult if you think about it. and if you forget a puc its not the end of the world. :)
I say knock them right out. And look for the other older threads on this subject for lots more opinions.

If you do leave one in for a while, dispense a little water before you pull the PF out to loosen the puck, then give it a good rinse and flush before you load the next shot.

If you are rinsing out the PF between shots, you kind of need to knock the puck right out. If you aren't rinsing out the PF, you should consider starting to, at least when you aren't pulling shots back-to-back.
If you have eight locations then I would say knock them out also.
We ask our baristas to empty the puck after each pull for us its really not a big issue and I am myself a huge violator but I want the machine and bar reset and ready for the next customer as soon as drinks are done it drives me nuts for production to have to wait while a dirty basket is cleaned out.
This has been discussed in great detail in several other threads. The consensus, including myself is to get the puck out.
Thanks for your help with this issue! I have read further comments on other threads and think puck out is best for our stores. I appreciate all the feedback!


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