Has anybody used one of these pitcher rinsers? I am thinking this might be easier to install than a hand wash sink in our tight space.


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Good points, all.

Regarding the health inspector question, I know we were required to have 2 sinks in our bar area - a hand wash sink and a dump sink. I'm sure they wouldn't mind a standalone pitcher rinser in addition to these, the substitution seems questionable. The arrangement that Darren describes would probably be the way to go if you were doing just one installation.
i already have a legal hand wash sink that has passed and our health inspector loves us so that's not an issue. Just wanted to see the ins and outs of installing a pitcher rinser vs a small sink to rinse pitchers.
The main disadvantage to using the Red Rinser is that the hose must run out of the sink and over the counter. It is in the way bet we've learned to work around it. Check out the rinser video posted by Espresso Parts, this seems like a more manageable option if you have the room.

We have a handwash sink located in the back of our bar area and a dump sink just to the right of the grinders, both are required by health code where we are. The dump sink has a high faucet on it so its easy to rinse things in it, a pitcher rinser just seems like a commodity to me, nothing that is absolutely necessary.
Ok, so after watching the link from espressoparts.com I think that may be quite useful in a rush :P

That pitcher was clean in like, 2 MAYBE 3 seconds. that makes all the difference when your shot is pulling and you are shaving 4 or 5 seconds off of cleaning a necessary tool that you use every 45ish seconds.

I've done been converted.
I couldn't recommend the EspressoParts NW Pitcher Rinser enough! The cold water does an excellent job of cleansing the inside of the pitcher as well as cooling it down some. Jay has an excellent point when it comes to the exterior of the pitchers (our rinser works it's magic only within), as well as the milky foam that refuses to go down the drain as quickly as the water does. I find a quick pour of a little americano water clears that up nicely. I wouldn't think of a pitcher rinser as a substitute to a sectioned sink, more as a compliment to the efficency of your bar. You will save water, a little bit of time, and it will definately draw a few ohhhhs and ahhhs from barista and customer alike. I wouldn't think of designing a new bar without one.
to me a pitcher rinser is a MUST have. Starbucks had one that was just like a plastic tube sticking up with a pressure release valve to squirt water in the pitcher. It is true that milk will build up on the outside if it doesn't get purposefully wiped off but maybe have an extra pitcher on hand to use while you throw the dirty one in the back to get scrubbed.

They do have one for blenders at Espresso Parts. Here is the link to it:


I want one I wish they made one that could do blender containers too.

i use them in my both shop and really they are a must i use them for dumping milk aswell and really time saving it is not a hand washing station but just so rinse you pitcher so you dont have to wash them all the time. really handy as well to rinse shot glass .the only thing is that i recommend this one http://www.espressoparts.com/EP_PR6X24 i have both and this one is much nicer . you have room to let you pitcher dry.

We have one in our shop right next to our GB/5 and dipper well. It's a huge advantage and time saver. It keeps our shop dynamic of a clean bar easy! I highly recommend it for every shop.

Hope it works out for you.

I have one installed and love it.

We love ours too.  Couldn't imagine working a rush without one.  Jay's description hit the nail on the head.  Like Patrick, ours is right next to our GB5 and in front of our Major.  Great tool!

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