Customers have done nice things for us. But what compliments have they given you or what's the nicest thing customers have said to you?

Mine were:
"Thank you for being so patient"

"You just made my day better"

I know these aren't exceptional, but it's still nice to get that verbal 'pat on the back'.

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Comments of appreciation are always nice, but the two of the most memorable have been...


"Your coffee changed my life." (several)


"We moved back here so we could be closer to your espresso."




"You always have a way of brightening my day."


Also, once I mentioned back pains to a co-worker while a regular was sipping on some espresso near the counter. The next day she brought me a huge styrofoam physical therapy thing. It totally worked, and it made me feel good that the customers that I care about, also care about me!

These are reasons to wake up every morning and do what we love.

Barista : "Our espresso differs from the traditional italian style"

Customer : "Never mind - it's delicious nevertheless"

Meeting our former neighbor 

"For your espresso and cappuccino I'd travel a thousand miles"

Well - he travelled around 20 miles but that made my day ! :-)

This is the best espresso I've had in America.

"Is Peter in the back?  Can he make my cappuccino?  I love his foam."

"I'm supposed to be running a board meeting in ten minutes. I just called and told them I'm in traffic. I'm not going to rush this coffee."

thank you my coffee bean beauty :)

this drink is so beautiful i dont want to drink it! 

My all-time favorite was,

" It's so smooth, like a baby's bottom going down my throat....i probably could have phrased that better...."

It was right after making him a Pour over of our Guatemala from a Hario v-60s

cust:"your cappuccino is too sweet"
me:"no sugar was added" (smile in heart)

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