Here at Caffe Mela all the baristas are going to get their very own custom tamper. I've been looking all over online for some really sweet creative tampers but I just can't find anything much cooler than colored tamps. Please help me and my fellow baristas out!



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Derryl Reid said:

I do not know much about these, and now IM curious!

The most well known craftsman to seek out would be Reg Barber .

Also Thor Tampers make some really awesome all wood tampers.
Great idea.

I'm sure you've already checked out these guys, but just in case.

I know both Espresso Parts and Reg have custom engraving options and/or custom delrin inserts.

Hope that helps.
hey guys!

Thanks so much for all your help! I have checked out all these sites previously and by far my favorites are all the La Forza tamps. I'm just not sure how to order them and it doesn't look like they have much for sale.

We have a few of those really great colored wooden tampers and they're adorable!

I'm starting to wonder now if it's at all possible to decorate your own?
Any thoughts?

Check out the 9th Street/EPNW tampers. I don't believe you can customize them to quite the extent you're looking for, but I personally own a s@#$load of tampers and this one beats everything else hands down.
awsome! i was definitely torn between RB tampers and these kind so its good to get some feedback. i dont think ive ever tried the ninth street before
By far the most attractive and finest tampers I have seen in the U.S. are the TORR Tampers distributed by Artazza. ( )

The quality is first class and the option of a titanium base in black makes a gorgeous tamper.
thanks robert! they really are gorgeous and i haven't ever seen these before! how awesome!
Reg's have excellent build quality, but for me they're just a tad bit too light in the hand. Though everyone tamps a little different and as such, YMMV!

You know I'd just like to add the two tampers that have always been on the top of my wish list: the Pullman and CoffeeLab. They're both out of Australia and unfortunately there seems to be no distributors here in the US for them at this time.
I find Reg Barber a little boring, check out the Aussie Pullman tampers, they are beautifully made and awesome to use - the height is also adjustable (parts come with every tamper) so no matter how big or small your handsm, you can change it to suit you. I can't use anything else now :p

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