What are you listening to? (in general, in cafe's, as you work, commute, dance or jog)

Ra Ra Riot - right now, just because

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Currently listening to Nuclear Blast's/Summerian Records "The Most Extreme Sampler of the Summer '09" that came with the latest issue of Decibel Magazine. I highly recommend extreme metal as a productivity booster :-)
David Gilmour, Live at Gadansk. Great stuff!!
Demian Luper said:
I highly recommend extreme metal as a productivity booster

Hell yeah. Coffee. And METAL!
Manchester Orchestra (band), 99 Most Essential Mozart (classical compilation, cheap on Amazon), The Sword of Truth series (Fantasy series of books by Terry Goodkind), This Week in Tech (technology podcast), and when I can squeeze it in Smodcast, a podcast by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier...

I have a VERY boring day job...
At home: a lot of Death Cab for Cutie (at work too), C Average, Postal Service... but at work we use Pandora A LOT. Some stations I have made are Black Keys (with a Ray Charles seed too), RJD2, MGMT, Death from Above 1979, Cat Power, Tegan & Sara, Band of Horses, Kings of Leon....hmm..
The Silly Wizards, (This IS an Irish-themed coffee house) :)
Ghostland Observatory, The Kooks, The Strokes, The Ting Tings, M.I.A. seabird, Jars of Clay's new one.
Bouncing souls and Johnny cash. total opposites but i love it
Not at work: impending doom, as cities burn, emery, nodes of ranvier, norma jean, underoath, alexisonfire, august burns red, becomingthearchetype, metal, metal and more metal (plus rando as stuff)

At work: Closes ears/sings to self :]

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