Hey all,


I'm curious to know how the community is approaching mochas these days. I'm looking for a different approach, or else just more satisfying way of making these things instead of stirring my beautiful espresso into chocolate sauce, top with steamed milk, serve and cry at the loss of a great shot.


Anything at all is appreciated. I'm putting some thought into a heated dispenser that keeps the chocolate hot and melty, expenisve though they may be. Any other thoughts? Comments? Observations?

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Hi Tristan,

In our cafe, we serve mochas in a tall latte glass (approx. 12oz). Once you've made your chosen chocolate sauce, pour in to a squeeze bottle (any size will do), line the glass with chocolate sauce (zig zags or spirals or whatever) and add your desired amount of coffee (we add two shots to 12oz). Top with steamed milk, and decorate with chocolate sauce (provided it is the right consistency) or choc powder.
Alternatively, squeeze your desired amount of sauce in after youve poured the coffee and milk, and let the customer stir it depending on how strong they like it.

Here is a photo of a hot chocolate we prepare the same way (except I didn't line the glass with choc, but it is at the bottom). Of course there isn't time for this kind of art all the time!

Would love to know what you end up with!


Sort of confused.  There's not really a better way to make a mocha than by adding espresso to chocolate sauce and steamed milk.  If you don't want to mute your espresso by making it into a dessert drink, just don't serve it.  People can taste when you don't like serving something.  If you just want a better mocha, making the sauce yourself is clearly the way.  I like to use good bittersweet chocolate chips and add sugar and salt.  Mix with a little hot water to the consistency you want.  Those warming pump machines are a pain in the ass to clean properly and the chocolate hardens to a crust on the top and sides and in the spout.  FYI.  If you don't mind stirring and cleaning it, then they're alright.


The worst is when you can tell the specialty shop hates offering mochas and they add too little chocolate or not enough sugar, because they think you'll be able to taste their magical espresso more this way, when actually what they're making is a sad cup of regret; it tastes neither like espresso or chocolate.  I mean if I knew you were just going to make me a crappy mocha, I'd have ordered any of the other things on the menu.  It's a dessert drink, it's sweet and chocolatey, with a little espresso flavor and caffeine.

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