I've been researching this until my eyes are buggy, and I'm hoping someone with experience on either or both of these machines will chime in.  I've read the Titan Grinder project, and all the specs on both, but I'm hoping someone can give me their personal experience/thoughts.


My cafe needs to jump to a bigger, meaner grinder.  We're going through 100-150+ lbs of espresso a week. We need to get some grinders with great through-put, good durability, good temperature control, seems like conical is the answer.  Roburs look like the way to go, but I keep seeing Compak K10's come up, and obviously they have a more attractive price-tag.

Anyone have any comments on these machines, outside of the price?  Is there a knock-down reason to get the Mazzer regardless of the Robur's higher price?  My thought is: $3,000 isn't the end of the world, when you're talking about (one of) the most important pieces of equipment in the cafe, but I need to convince some other people of this before it's going to happen.

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i own both a k-10 WBC and k-10 doserless, and they're great machines. i have no experience with a robur however. i would definitely recommend the WBC over the doserless, just because after playing with both i've noticed some clumping and mess issues with the doserless (so we use it for decaf). plus the doserless are running about $500 more at the moment. any specific questions you have about the k-10 wbc let me know and i'll try to answer them, but i would definitely suggest getting one. you'll notice a large change in the texture and body of your espresso.
Don't get me wrong, I love the k10 wbc... however I feel like this is compairing apples to oranges. The robur is on a whole different level, and so is the price tag. K10 is better than the super jolly but not even close to the robur. What about a mazzer major? I am running one right now and it is an affordable champ. If your budget allows go for the robur! Good luck with what ever you go with:)
As someone who owns numerous Mazzer Majors, the 1996 Compak K-10, the 2009 K10 WBC and has played with the range of Mazzers - including the new Robur-E that everyone seems to be cumming over, I can clearly state that my preference lies with the Compak K-10 WBC.

Stating that a comparison between the K-10 WBC and the Robur-E is like apples and oranges is a bit misleading. Comparing the K10 to the Major or Super Jolly is most certainly apples to oranges.

The K10 and Robur share similar characteristics. They are both conical burr grinders, built for heavy use and are the flagship model of their brands. On point of price, size, weight, bulk and grind quality, the Compak K-10 WBC beats the Robur-E hands down. While the grind quality is similar, the stand out points for the Robur is its speed. It's insanely fast: 3-5 seconds to grind a double-shot compared to the K10 speed of 5-7 seconds.

To my mind, the questions lie here:

How important is the 3-5 and 5-7 second difference?

How much do you want to spend: $1300 or $3500?

And is the speed increase justified in the additional expense?

Answer those and you'll know which of the two grinders to purchase.

Everything else is relatively equal or in favor of the K-10 WBC.
Personally I wouldn't call the Robur's 3-5 seconds grinding for a double insanely fast. Or rather insanely fast compart to what? About the same speed as a Major. This afternoon was at exactly 4.0sec for 16g doubles on my old standard (not E) Major. (Old grinder, not old burrs. Timer via simply running off a Gralab with footswitch at the moment.)

Whether conical is superior in the cup versus flat burr is debatable. More consistent shot to shot with less adjustment needed absolutely but also with a more rounded taste versus more defined taste with flat burr.
Another thought.... the k10 wbc is about 37.5 lbs vs the robur at 62 lbs. Plastic weighs less I guess.

Money is always an important factor in making these types of decisions. I would personally have to side with Jay when looking at the big picture.
short of the grinder collar cover, hopper, and grounds tray, there's nothing plastic on a k-10
I recently get a good deal on a pair of K10s. I really like them. The pull is effortless. They are quiet. A little vibration and bean cutting sound, but really nothing else. I think we made the right decision.

As far as the Robers, I haven't used them. They may be great, but for the price the K10 win. That's my two cents worth.
Adam touches on something that is a bit of misnomer. While it is true that some of the lower end models from Compak utilize more plastic or polymer components, those are an absolute minimal on the K-10WBC. The only plastic components on a K10WBC is the bean hopper, the dosing chamber cover, the fascia beneath the adjustment collar (cosmetic, not structural) and the excess grind tray on the bottom. There are no plastic structural components to the K10WBC.
This morning I was getting 16 grams in 4.8 seconds on my K10 Timer/Doserless. It's been stable for the last month at that same setting.

The lower price of the Compak grinders has a bit to do with them coming from Spain, as opposed to Germany or Switzerland or other such places. Not suggesting that everything from Spain costs less, but you know what I mean: it's a factor.

Compak seems to save a bit on the cosmetic aspects of their products. Mahlkonig grinders simply look much nicer, for example, but as to grind quality, I personally think the Compak is better.

I've used Roburs too, but not enough to truly form an opinion. Nice machine, that's for sure.

As to clumping with the K10: as I've posted elsewhere, Compak is bringing out a quick fix for that. And the clumping I'm getting is soft and breaks up the moment I touch it. As for mess...um, well, when some of the girls use it there's a bit of spillage, but when I use it there isn't. Honestly, I'm not spilling any.
Thanks for all the comments, folks. Looks like my Compak is on the way; can't wait to take it for a spin.
So, it's been over a year and, assuming anyone who posted is still around, how's your Compak holding up?
I've now got two Compak K10 Timer/Doserless grinders and I'm very happy with them. There is almost no waste, at all, and the quality of the flavour I'm getting is bringing in the customers. If we add a third option I will certainly buy a third unit.

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