Anyone here have an opinion on these models.....I am a shop that on average does 200 rings a day, and probably pulls 300 shots a day. I've never had a machine that counts shots but I will soon ;0) Which one of these would anyone recommend for that production? Thanks, Amy

Mazzer Major Automatic

Mazzer Super Jolly Automatic

Mazzer Venezia Major

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SJ on the slower side around 8-10sec to grind for a double. Major 4-5sec. And Major wouldn't be as prone to over heating as SJ.

thank you, I appreciate your time answering!

Amy i owne the Robur EE and major and SJ , on the mazzer side, will nerver go else where then the Robur, amazing grinder. But i food better and faster, (not to grind but to operate) since you can grind in the basket hand free!!! , The Compak K-10 FRESH. Need to get the update on the ajustment part since it was slipping a bit at every grinding but called compak and 5 days later (in canada) i receive the new part witch was super easy to change and work super fine.

The grind seting is much easier than any mazzer and also it is much cheaper then the robur EE

And i have to say that we been going thru 5 lb per hours with the Robur and the K10 fresh and both work super fine.

I have a shop that around that volume & I just switched up to the major doserless. It's a perfect fit for us. The Robur is great but it all depends on your budget.

Well the price of the major EE is about the same as the Compak k-10 fressh witch is a much better grinder,

I got a mazzer super jolly on craigslist for $400. If you shop around you can usually find a great deal. I love it. Super consistant and built like a tank.

I ended up choosing the Major Luigi. I have ground on it but don't have an espresso machine yet to play we have made americanos thru our home machine and liked the grinder to that extent just fine :0)  Thanks everybody!

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