Its been a long road setting up shop but MadCap Coffee will be open for business tomorrow, Saturday, January 17th. We'll be open 8am till 11pm, rockin some El Salvador COE and Finca Vista Hermosa on the Chemex bar and offering our house spro and a single origin on tap. Live music at 8pm and hopefully a nice friendly latte art throwdown with the peeps from Ugly Mug. If you are in Western Michgan come on out. Otherwise we will be posting info soon on some events we'll be hosting within the next few months. Cheers BX!

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I should be there sometime in the next month. Let me know if theres anything I should know about between now and March!
Congrats Trevor!
Congrats guys! That's awesome!
Best of luck to you!
As a graf-head and a barista, I love your name! Why the hell did I never think of it? And as a former shop owner, who knows how long that road can be, congratulations!
I'm a Michigan boy myself!
I own the Plymouth Coffee Bean in Downtown Plymouth better known as the Bean on the
streets. Sounds like your place is just like mine.
Congrats again! :)
congrats and good luck!
Hope you had a great weekend.
Thanks all! The weekend was great and the week has been great as well.

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