Hello everyone! Our store is looking to get some different chai besides the standard, below average oregon chai. We used to have My Chai which was fantastic but extremely expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions for a more middle of the road brand that is good? Thanks!

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Mike, Can you give me a lead on where you got your strainers? We brew our own chai and the the hard part for us is filtering through the tea.


miKe mcKoffee aka Mike McGinness said:
I've tried a number of commerical chai's that target the coffeehouse market including Sattwa and was never satisfied. So especially since you manage a "coffee and tea" shop, ought to be blending your own chai. Then brew your own concentrate. That way both the blend and sweetness level is exactly what you want. My chai blend is comprised of Assam and Darjeeling single estate India teas and 9 spices (no powdered spices all whole or chopped). Brew for 1/2gal concentrate using 100gr chai blend, 56gr honey, 114g dark cane sugar, just off boil water. Infused 30min. Strained through coarse SS strainer then Swissgold. Blending and brewing your own chai concentrate does indeed take more time and work, which is true of most things highest quality.

Don't ask my specific ingredients/ratios, it is indeed a trade secret since in addition to roasted coffee I wholesale my chai blend.
Ever try David Rio have been using it for 7 yrs. Customers love Not traditional very good great margins.
David Rio all the way!
Surprised, nobody mentioned Mo Cafe:


We've been using it for years and customers love it... will have to try some of the alternatives mentioned here.
I use Intelligentsia's chai in my shop and i really like it. With most chais you have to use a lot to get it to cut through the milk but with Intelli's they recommend using 1/4 chai and 3/4s milk
Another vote for the Big Train powder. Doesn't have to be refrigerated and is really quick and convenient to use. We offer the Spiced, Vanilla and Chocolate. Every now and then people will insist they can drink nothing but something made from liquid like the Oregon, but 95% of chai drinkers we have love the Big Train. I mix it with 3-4 oz. of water from the hot tap then add in whatever steamed milk the customer desires. Later!
We use David Rio Organic Masala Chai in powder form. It is not on their website because it is for wholesale customers only. Our customers love it and we've been using it for about 3-4 years.
Maya Tea has some great options for chai concentrates, very good flavor. We also brew their Large Loose Leaf Masala Chai add steamed milk and honey, it's awesome!! (BTW Maya has great loose leaf tea, great slection, great service)
To be honest, I've rejected every concentrate I've tried (I've tried too many) in favor of loose chai. We currently offer Cochin Masala Chai from Metro. Our customers LOVE IT! You can get loose tea filter lids for Dixie and Solo from Metro as well, so we only offer in to go cups with these lids. We experimented a bit with their Spiced Indian Chai. That was also awesome. If the flavor difference isn't substantial enough for you, your customers will love it when you scoop loose leaf chai into their cups and explain that you use loose leaf, not concentrates.
Been using My Chai Original since day one, Our customers have only one complaint, now they can't leave town and find chai this good.  Strongly recommended!

Jonathan said:
My Chai is the way to go. They have a couple different choices... one being My Chai and the other being My Chai Original. The (regular) My Chai should put you at the same price point as Oregon Chai and have a VERY similar profile... Actually a bit better. You should not have any customer rejection as you most likely will if you switch to Third St, Chai Co., Dragon Fly, etc...
Anyway, just my opinion.
Alaska Chai Its pretty good
You should try frozen beans caramel chai and vanilla chai. Best chai flavor on the market for a chai base I like the Oregon chai I sometimes add shots of torani syrups to create custom Flavors ,

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