I've created an anonymous survey to see how much baristas are making around the country, to come up with an average. It's completely anonymous, and takes exactly 3 seconds to answer. I know, I did it. Here's the link to the survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FPCNF3Y

Please be honest, and don't put some crazy number in there. And this is your pay minus any tips you might receive.

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Crap. I didn't see this. Sorry man. I'm needing a very broad range for something I'm working on for the BGA.
Wasn't harshin your mellow, just trying to help
No, it's awesome. Yours was definitely a little more in-depth, looks like I'm getting a great number of responses so far. Thanks man!

Did you really mean "Pay Minus Any Tips"???



This would be as useful to know as how much pay after tips.  I'm not sure either number is really known.  As an industry/regional average as compared to zip code and member concentration.  Useful.
Very good question. Pay plus tips is what you are legally making, whether you report the tips (as required by law) or not. Big difference between saying only make minimum wage when in a busy shop could in reality be averaging $10 or more per hour additional in tips. Big difference. (Or a bikini drive-thru making $20 to 30hr in tips! :)

Jay Caragay said:

Did you really mean "Pay Minus Any Tips"???



So far more than 375 baristas have answered.
How about sharing the results then?
This is a really great discussion!! I made 10.50 hourly for what felt like fun! I love it I love it I love it!!
Results, for those that are interested and didn't see it in their twitter feed the other day.

I don't have the data, but median looks to be 8-10, with a pretty good distribution. I'd love to know who is making $20/hr as a "barista"... maybe someone needs to reread their job description?

Jay Caragay said:
How about sharing the results then?
Sorry, I thought I posted it. Thanks Brady for sharing the link.

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