I'm currently gearing up for the Great Lakes Barista Competition next month. I'm struggling finding cappuccino mugs to use. I want to use the ACF white 5oz. capp mugs, that are not the tulip shape. I've found that they have them in other colors on the website, but not in white. Does anyone know where I could find these or have some on hand that I can buy?

Secondly, as a back up plan can anyone give me feedback on using the tulip shaped ACF mugs. I currently have the Nuova tulip mugs and hate pouring in them. I've found it really hard to get a great contrast between the spro and milk. Anyone having similar experiences with the ACF tulip mugs?

Thanks for the help

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Not sure about your neck of the woods, but these guys deliver.


Sebastian is a great guy. I have bought several cups from him. Only saw the 6 oz but you could always call and ask.
thanks for the suggestion, I've already been to there site but maybe I'll give them a call to double check.

The 6oz ACF mugs we have at the shop. I love them for double capps, but I feel like the spro gets lost in a single.
I think I saw some at Meijer's or maybe it was Target? Just kidding. I have 2 of your Nuovo tulips in my lab that you marauding pirates for christ and coffee left there last summer. I saw the round Nuovo 5.5 or 6 ouncers on Espressoparts for 8.75 each.

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