How many of you, baristas, have ever seen a real coffee tree and tasted its fruit? Where and when?

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Yes, in Costa Rica, but I wasn't really tempted to bite into one.
Maybe next time then. Ripe fruits are very sweet!
I picked and tasted coffee cherried in Chiapas, Mexico at a farm that is part of the CIRSA cooperative.

The coffee cherries tasted awesome! Too bad they go bad so fast. I'd eat those things all day.
i grew up on sulawesi-you may recognize the name from from starbucks- just down the road from a plantation, some kids grew up eating apples, i grew up eating coffee cherries
Yes, I am lucky I live in Indonesia too! Coffee is growing as close as 1kg from where I live. It was a dream to work around coffee, I am very lucky to be doing this. love eating the flesh of the fruit, like ripe ripe black currants.
My first time was Nicaragua... Way up in northern Nueva Segovia back in '01.
We have a small coffee tree in one of our coffee shops. It is not big enough to have fruit yet we can hope someday it will.
Here they grow even on the streets! I myself have found at least three coffee trees in Sao Paulo city, and they were all full of cherry beans last May. I picked some and still have some left in my freezer. Nature is just bloody amazing.

Kayakman said:
to see a real tree is only a dream i have... would love for that dream to come true
should have, it is an eye opener as the mucilage that covers the bean is full of sugars.  but not bite into it, simply suck on it.

Eldon Hooley said:
Yes, in Costa Rica, but I wasn't really tempted to bite into one.

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