I don't know if it's the sun or what, but lately I've had a lot of funny customers in the store.

Here are three prime examples of the exchanges I've had.
1: Customer: Do you have any hangers I can borrow?
Me: no, sorry we don't
Customer: what about that fly swatter?
Me: what do you want it for?
Customer: $2.00

2:Me: Hey, I like your shirt [blue shirt with a white cutout of a sailboat]
Customer: Thanks!
Me: Where did you get it? Is is a band? [lots of people who come in wear shirts from their favorite bands]
Customer: [looking down at the shirt and carefully considering the picture] No, I think it’s a sailboat.

I’m glad to know that there are people out there nice enough to pretend something that obviously is a sailboat *might* be a picture of a band

3: Customer [teenage girl]: HI. I'm here to do the WiFi thing.
Me: ok...
Customer: I've never done it before but that's what I'm here to do. Do i don't really know what I'm doing
Me: Ok, well we dont have a password so you shouldn't have any problems
Customer: [after ordering a drink] ....ok so like, where do I sit to do the WiFi thing?
Me: um, anywhere in the store. WiFi is just a signal your computer picks up
Customer: so like, just sit down and plug in?
Me: well, you don't need to plug in really, not for WiFi. If your computer is low on batteries we have plenty of outlets though.
Customer: Yeah I don't really know because it's my friends computer
Me: (at this point unsure what else to say) ok, well you can always sit next to an outlet in case
Customer: ok so, I'll just go sit by an outlet and wait for me drink.
Me: Sounds good.

What are some of your favorite customer interactions?

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This reminds me of the time I was asked which one of our coffees was: "the regular black American coffee".

Meredith said:
I think my personal favorite is "Do you serve coffee here?" My co-worker looked at one girl that said that one day and just said "No, I'm sorry, we don't" and the girl walked away. And this entire post cracked me up and made my day.
We sell Organic shade grown coffee at our shop and proudly announce it on the top of our menu. One day a lady looks at it and says "You have Organic Coffee, I've never had that before is it good"? she had the look on her face like she had seen the most nastiest thing ever. People always ask what shade grown means too.

Alix Catherine said:
i always laugh when people look at the word organic and say " oh gross i don't want that" ... lol i never know what to say.. I don't understand what they think it is. Usually i just tell them it simply means there are no additives and preservatives, And their response is usually something like " oh really, thats all ?

Does any one else get this ? Or is it just where i live? lol
I have a customer who comes through ou drive-thru just to buy a muffin for his dog !! and a couple of other customers that come through with their dogs and when you g to offer the standarg dog treat they say "oh no he wont eat that he gets whip cream on a lid !! Talk about spoiled....

Cherie said:
Wow, I think I've had so many funny and weird shop stories I've forgotten most.
There is this one older couple that comes through our drive window about once a month or so, and they have these 2 small adorable dogs. The first time I waited on them, they got drinks and a scone. I asked if they wanted the scone warmed, and they said only a little. I then asked if their dogs could each have a dog treat (we have lots of dogs come through the window.) They looked at me like I was off my rocker and said no, thats what the scone was for and why they want it warmed only a little. I didn't know if they were joking, but sure enough when the drinks were handed out the dogs were already half done with their scone.
This was over a year ago, and each time they come through, the dogs get their fav scone and their human parents are always overjoyed to watch them eat it.

There are so many other exchanges ... if I think of any more that are worth noting I'll post again.
actually, i set his car on fire, shot his dog, and told social services that he beats his children.

no, i politely informed him that our owner had requested we not change the station (which was true) and said i couldn't change the station. if i had owned the shop, i would have played decapitated's "organic hallucinosis" from start to finish in order to satisfy his musical needs.

Bob Von Kaenel said:
Jared Rutledge said:
had a guy come into a shop i was working at a couple months back, big redneck dude, and asked me to change the music station cause he "wasn't in the mood for jazz." i thought that was pretty strange. i didn't change it, if miles davis offends you, you can leave.

Not sure how this is funny, but it does showcase your efforts to reinforce the stereotype of the rude, arrogant, barista. Did you just ignore him, or actually insult him to his face? Good job.
That's about as annoying as when people come in and say "I'd like a coffee". Um....yah, this is a coffee shop, so could ya be any more specific? I know for most this translates to "small brewed", but still!!!

Meredith said:
I think my personal favorite is "Do you serve coffee here?" My co-worker looked at one girl that said that one day and just said "No, I'm sorry, we don't" and the girl walked away. And this entire post cracked me up and made my day.
i'm bumping this because a customer made me make a 20 oz. heavy cream, decaf, sugar free white chocolate mocha today (thank god i'll have my own shop in a few weeks). i figured it up and the drink had 1300 fat calories and 91 grams of saturated fat. i don't care what dr. atkins says, that will kill you.
HA HA HA!!!!!! This is my favorite!! :D

Meredith said:
I think my personal favorite is "Do you serve coffee here?" My co-worker looked at one girl that said that one day and just said "No, I'm sorry, we don't" and the girl walked away. And this entire post cracked me up and made my day.
A couple about my age always comes in and orders one "mocha with vanilla in it" and "one dreamy". Our Dreamy latte has chocolate and vanilla in it....

I've explained to them (each time pretending it's the first time I've seen them) two or three times that a dreamy IS a mocha with vanilla in it. But they persistently order one of each.
Customer: Do you sell espresso here?
Me: Yes we do. What would you like?
Customer: A double espresso and a cup of coffee.
Me: Alright, what size coffee would you like?
Customer: Medium.
Me: Okay that will be $____.
Customer: Oh, did you get his coffee to I think he wanted a large.
Me: Oh, so change the medium coffee to a large?
Customer: No, mine was a medium, his was a large.
Me: Ma'am a double espresso is only going to be a couple of ounces, did you want water as well to make it an
Customer: No.
Me: Did you just want the two shots then?
Customer: No I wanted that stuff in it.
Me: What did you want in it? Milk? Water? Cream?
Customer: Yeah that.
Me: Which one?
Customer: Blank stare
Me: Are looking for a latte with milk, an americano with water? a mocha with chocolate?
Customer: Yeah that.
Me: The milk? or the chocolate?
Customer: A large mocha, that's what I want. With 2 shots of the espresso in it. And whip cream.
Customer: Can I use your bathroom?
Me: Yeah, its down the hallway.
Customer: Thanks, I have this infection on my foot and I wanted to clean it. Oh, I might be in there a while Its pretty infected, if someone complains that's I'm taking a while. . . Oh, and do you have any of that stuff that makes it heal?
Me: I'm sorry???
Customer? That stuff its like a cream you put on cuts?
Me: Neosporin?
Customer: Yeah that. I'm going to have to take my socks off to clean it, its pretty bad, I've been walking around to much on it, and its starting to hurt. I wanna make sure it heals.

Gross and TMI!!!
I just thought of one more pretty great one. Freshman girl, probably 18 first time in the dorms on campus bleach blonde hair (supprised she had hair left) too much make-up:

Customer: Um, can I have a frappe?
Me: Sure, do you want white or dark chocolate?
Customer: Wait, what?
Me: Do you want white or dark chocolate?
Customer: I don't get it.
Me: The base is white or dark chocolate, which would you like?
Customer: What, no......i don't.....what?
Me:..........(insert awkward silence)
Customer: Well....dark....i think....

Yea....you belong in college sweetheart....(sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm)

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