I have a client who sent me a soda with a payment the other week, its from NY here is a link to their site:



The soda is made with espresso (in some manner do not ask me exactly how).  As the weather warms up I know people look for cold drinks to serve and was wondering everyones thoughts on trying out this type of product in a shop!



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I haven't thought about this drink for over 30 years. I used to be a big fan. Don't know how it compares to other "newer" coffee sodas, and I am sure that my palatte has changed during the past couple of years drinking "real" espresso and espresso based drinks.


If you can find a local distributor, it might be worth trying in a shop. Otherwise, shipping costs for glass bottles can be a killer.


Ron, the Country Guy

We're experimenting with this one in house now (homemade, not purchased) and are working from 2 bases.

1) Coke + espresso + 1/8oz vanilla (don't ask me why, but it really helps without being sweet)

2) seltzer water + espresso + 1/8oz pure cane syrup


Would love to hear about recipes/ideas/variations that people stumble upon.!

I love these! We bought about 1/4 pallet at PFG food show when the person who ordered them didn't except shipment for the full pallet. We were able to get them for $.41  each and sell them for $.99 which is giving them away if we were to pay full wholesale cost. We had to clean all the bottles and dump half the cardboard boxes because a bag of baking mix fell on them while they were bring them to the show.

On Friday and Saturday night when I actually get to sit and enjoy our live music, I sit a savor a Manhattan soda.

do not expect them to taste like any other soda... don't judge it by the fist sip. think about miro-brew root beers and old world saspirillas (sp)... you won't be a shocked.

The one we had I poured into a few small cups to taste with some friends, some of which hate coffee, and it was well liked all around which shocked us!

2 shots of espresso, 6-8 oz TONIC WATER. Top off with ice, stir, enjoy.

IF your espresso is fairly clean and bright, this combo is super-easy and damn near perfect. You can use a tonic water of your choice (you can go fancy, or grocery brand), and the drink tastes like your espresso, not all masked by weird flavors. You can garnish it with a wedge of citrus, a twist, or a little mint or something. Try it and see what you think!

Tonic water?! Gotta try that.


My favorite so far has been a super-bright orange, lemon, and cherry Yirg SO with a little sugar and Pelligrino.

Tonic water, huh? I'm going to have to give that one a shot...

So far it's still in the experiment phase.  It's 42 degrees and overcast here today...not quite "soda weather" yet. Next week we'll roll it out and I'll report in.

Luke deWaal said:

Brian- I'm interested to hear how that works out for you. I want to try something similar in the shop I work at, and plan to do some experimenting with recipes before summer.
I think Nick's recipe sounds good.  With the easy ability to drink cold brewed coffee or toddy, I don't think I'd be interested in drinking something that tasted uber sweet and uncoffee like..

I stand by my recipe:


Carbonated water + Caramel Syrup

Espresso shot over ice


Combine and enjoy!


Simple put, we made a caramel soda that was MEH on its on, but when we made an iced americano with it it was amazing!

I have a recipe not using espresso but rather cold brewed coffee:


3 oz Cold Brewed Coffee

3 oz Soda Water

1/4 oz Vanilla 

and cream if desired.



I am glad to see this discussion took off as well as it did!  Thank you all for your input thus far!

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