My coffeehouse is doing some spring cleaning and I wanted to let everyone know what I have before I start posting to ebay, etc.

I have 2 Rancilio MD50's (250ea)
2 Mazzer Super Jolly (500ea)
1 Mazzer Mini (300)

Everything is negotiable.

Feel free to contact me with questions, etc at

Rock On,

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prices? location & shipping costs?
The Celtic Cup (no spaces) at charter spot net
Tullahoma TN 37388
I will buy the Mazzer mini. Please contact me 434-942-6499 Brian.

Thank you.
Which grinders do you till have available? Can you send pics please?
How old is the equipment and what condition are they in? Do you have a pic? Where are you located and how much is shipping?
Do you still have a Super Jolly for sale. How old is it, and how much use has it had? I presume that it is 110 Volt, 60cycle AC, but is it designed to operate on a 15 Amp or a 20 Amp circuitÉ
Please send me pics, and where is the equip. located?
Thanks! Ricky 201-450-1955
I am interested in one of the Super Jollys for a new church coffeehouse. Please contact me, thanks. (704)340-3005.
is the mini still avail.?

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