I'm curious if anyone has tried this. I tried to make it at the shop, but it didn't turn out so well. BUT, it was interesting enough to want to keep trying. I was wondering if anyone has tried this with good results. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I've made an iced Americano using carbonated water before...that's about it and it was only OK.
Try using a small amount of espresso (.75-1oz) with root beer (12oz), a little vanilla syrup (.25-.5oz), and a splash of half and half. It's pretty tasty.
root beer sounds good. i tried it with some heavy cream and it tasted like a coke float...sort of. I'm using 1oz espresso to 6oz cola. pulling the shot, then letting it chill in the fridge for about 20 minutes or so, then adding it to the iced cola. Like i said, it's not undrinkable, but I feel like it could be really good if I get it right. I'm also going to try it with cream soda.
I tried pouring shots onto a Coke like I would an iced americano and of course it exploded... maybe mixing a couple ounces of strong cold-brew into Coke would work. I'm going to try it on monday!
Orange Crush... an interesting experience. Also a great indicator of a SLOOOWWW afternoon.

Espresso floated on top of a lovely porter, however, is another matter altogether...
The sign of a slow day at our shop is a few rounds of "Chilly Hillbilly"--drop a shot of espresso into root beer, slam it while the crema & root beer foam are still undergoing hideous interactions. Pretty tasty.
The interaction between the carbonation and crema are the most fascinating part of the combination to me. I love the texture created - its almost like the entire drink becomes crema for a brief instant.

I bet an espresso chocolate egg cream would be ridiculous. As I'm typing, I can't believe I've not tried that yet. We had a customer ask for a chocolate egg cream a couple of months ago and tried improvising one for her (google rocks). It was quite good. Ok, I know what I'm doing Monday...

The root beer does sound good. I bet cream soda would work well too, perhaps better.

Incidentally, I believe that they call espresso on sparkling water a "sparkling long black".
if you want to chill the shot fast, put it in the bottom of a martini shaker and stick it in your ice machine storage bin, laying diagonally, and spin it.

also, double strength cold brew concentrate and seltzer (mixed 50/50) is amazing.
I have a ton of sweetbird syrups due in in a week, and I have a means of making carbonated water here at my house (little soda maker someone gave me as a gift)....I know what ill be playing around with after I move house for fun!
I've done Fresca, Americano style, with a shot of Kenyan. It was interesting.
there is a shop that sells espresso and doctor pepper here called copper star coffee sounds gross to me never tried it.
Octane in Atlanta, GA serves it (espresso and coke). Thats where I heard about it. Has anyone tried it there?

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