So our shop just got cinnamon as a beverage flavoring for the holidays. I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions for drinks. Plain cinnamon is way too strong. I have tried it with vanilla, peach and in hot apple cider. All are good just looking for some new ideas.

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The Monin ( and DaVinci ( sites have multiple recipes that use cinnamon syrup. You may get some good ideas from their suggestions.

Ron, the Country Guy
Also the website has some of the most innovative recipes. Let me know if you would like me to send them to your email address also.
If you've got white chocolate, try that out.
Thanks for the suggestions can't wait to tell my boss and try them out!
My customers really liked cinnamon/vanilla/honey mixture. Because cinnamon is usually so strong, i use a little less of it than the vanilla and honey. Play around with it though and like Ron suggested, go to Monin and DaVinci...they have awesome recipes.
mess around with the cinnamon, mocha and cayenne pepper. Some call it a mayan mocha.
Ooooo this sounds really good!

Terri Sierra said:
We have a Fire and Ice which is cinnamon and peppermint. Our customers love it.
Cinnamon, peppermint and almond are typically stronger than other flavors, maybe not so much with almond but definitely the mint flavors (not just peppermint) and cinnamon. It's no surprise that you find the cinnamon to be too strong by itself, but if it's too strong just keep backing off. If it wasn't so time consuming I would use an eye dropper for cinnamon... it's that strong.

At the first shop I worked at we always called our cinnamon/peppermint latte a "Cinnamint," with the description "Sounds weird and, truthfully, is quite weird, but delicious too. Don't knock it 'till you try it."

Cinnamon (real, not syrup) honey, vanilla extract and almond extract is where it's at. Tiny amounts of all of them because they are all super strong.

Cinnamon mocha, cinnamon eggnog. I will try the cinnamon mint.
try a latte with twice the amount of vanilla as cinnamon (2 pumps vanilla, 1 pump cinnamon for a 12oz) - you can still clearly taste the cinnamon although not overbearing.
Agreed, it is best as a subtle hint to complement another flavor. I like pairing it with a nut flavor, caramel, or vanilla... but only in levels that do not totally overwhelm the coffee. If you have a softer apple flavor available, it is a nice complement, go light with both though. Agree also with the addition to hot chocolate, along with ground chile. With all, go lighter in the drink and lightly dust the top with a little ground cinnamon. This way you get just a bit of the heat in the drink, but the biggest contribution is aromatic.
Try cinnamon and honey in a latte. We called it a miele. I've never used the syrup, I've always used fresh ground. But that was really good.

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