Customer states "Just make me something good" what are you making?

I call it a cup of love!

never more than 8oz 

I make a late tad bit of real maple syrup, with a pinch of cinnamon and a drizzle of caramel on top its a beautiful thing!   

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Your drink sounds very enticing!  One of my favorites is similar, with a drizzle of honey replacing the caramel. And sometimes I go crazy and sprinkle some nutmeg on top too. YUM!


I usually try to help guide to the customer to something that they will genuinely like, and reorder the next time they come in. "Hot, cold, or frozen? What is your favorite flavor?".  Then I put my magic spin on it. In most cases, they appreciate the care you are putting into their order. 



Traditional cappuccino with a touch of raw honey steamed into the milk

If they're into the traditional stuff then it will probably be whatever is pulling best, and I love African coffees, so I tend to think they are ALWAYS pulling best, lol ;)


If they want something with a little flavor added in I reach for muscavado.  Sweet without being "stick-to-the-back-of-your-tongue" sweet.



Ditto on the real capp.  One size fits all...

AAAaalllright!!! sounds incredible !!,

I live in a small Alaskan town and I have like 200 regular characters and all their drinks memorized sometimes I don't remember all their names but I know their drink the pace here is way slower so I have a lot of play room in the winter any way!  

I like the idea of asking "whats your flavor!! I never thought to put it that way!  

 I often stick to natural sweeteners and slowly try to take them away so the customer is developing a pallet for the espresso instead of flavor.   

I like the traditional cappuccino with a touch of raw honey steamed into the milk. Ill have to try one sounds like a perfect balance of I want espresso now but also with a soothing touch!!

and mmmmmmmmmmmmm African coffees......mmmm..........

muscavado....learn something new every day!!!! cant wait to try that out 


thank you every one!!


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