anyone have any insight into this vid i havent heard of any of this. and id like to consider myself a professional.

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I feel sorry for "Mr Happy" at the end of this farce.
You gotta hand it to the Aussies... I would have liked to have seen Paul Bassets participation. Would have added even more credibility to the humor!
what? Am I the only one who does this:

Thanks for sharing. I'll be sure to try these techniques in the very near future. I've hear that Australia has been on the cutting edge of coffee for a while now, but this is revolutionary. We need to catch up.
Garden burger, peas, asparagus, your freezer is no fun at all. Where is the ice cream and ice for booze?

Pedal Press said:
what? Am I the only one who does this:

Did anyone else notice he is sitting with his arm around his Bean Business Basics book? Run little BBB run Ha. This video is hilarious.
Thoses Funny Aussies!
My favorite is the 45 degree tamp. I almost spit milk out my nose at that point.
This is a riot. Absolutely brilliant! Thanks Bill.
Whats so funny about this video? It's got all the right things in it (except I haven't heard of the freezer porta filter thing before).

The fingerloomo? is a know tamp method here in Australia, it is said to help with the breaking up of clumps as we are closer to the centre of the earth through a thinner crust and somehow particles clump more than elsewhere.

I really dont think anyone could present this if is was a spoof with a straight face. What sort of nut would actually put this on youtube if it wasn't for real?

sooooooo funny
Yeah, my insight is too explicit for human ears. This guy is bashing. Its a joke.

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