Thanks for everyone's input on the Idrocompresso. Any chance anyone's played with a Classe 6 Lever from Rancilio, and wants to throw in their two cents?


Or, really, any lever machine at all. We know we want to stick with the traditional style at our shop, but i'm researching my options in getting away from our current Victoria Arduino Athena Leva -Beautiful though it may be; It's just not holding up to the work we're making it do...

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Not holding up as in not keeping up with the demands of the cafe, or as in falling apart?
We have a Classe 6 2L at my shop and it is a great little machine. It can pull some pretty mean shots but it really shines in the steam wand department. It makes the best froth out of every machine I've ever used. There are a few small downsides to it tho: It steams pretty slow. It also uses one boiler and no reservoirs as well so no back-flushing or else you will have to drain the boiler. The final thing is there is not a lot of comprehensive knowledge about them. Your roaster may have some tips with their use, but yeah nevertheless a very solid machine.
Chris Birkett said:
Not holding up as in not keeping up with the demands of the cafe, or as in falling apart?

+1. Knowing what aspect of your current machine is falling short for you guys will help us out. So.... whaddayamean?

FWIW, I think the VA machine is the same innards as the Nuova Simonelli now, not positive though. If that is the case, then it (like the NS machines) is a HX lever. IIRC, the Classe 6 is not - it picks up brew water from the steam boiler. This has temperature implications that warrant consideration. I've heard good things about them, but not seen or had any espresso from one... but that water temperature thing would be a concern of mine.

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