Right now, I'm in the process of doing research for a potential coffee shop project and I need some opinions of the best affordable chocolate to have in a mocha. If you can list why you chose your type of chocolate and where you got it, that would be awesome. I look forward to hearing your input. Thank you.


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I agree! MONIN Dark Chocolate sauce. It is thicker, less water weight for shipping but not a powder so less mess and waste on the counter by employees. I have tasted a couple other chocolates that taste better but they were not as affordable. Depending on your location will determine shipping. If your a big enough to order partial pallets vs by the box of mixed items from a distributor will make a difference on shipping costs. Don't forget to calculate this into your COG. When we buy/ship a box or two of mixed Monin products it can cost us as much as 25% of product cost in shipping. When we buy in bulk and ship freight we get discounts off our shipping which brings it down to about 12%.  p.s. we only use Monin syrups too... because thats what we like best. We use Barista Pro Shop most of the time with some orders from Serious Sips and Euro Cafe.

Here are some past discussions on this, with an emphasis on housemade mocha ingredients:



Hope that helps.

juste use Dark callebautl callet

whatever you use make sure it goes with your espresso or your espresso goes with it. chocolate is alot like coffee in that it pars well with certain flavors depending on where it's grown in the world.

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