Hey I work in a high end Chinese restaurant and was wondering if anyone has any ideas for Chinese inspired coffee beverages. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic. I'm not sure what Chinese ingredients will go well with coffee or espresso. Thanks in advance!

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Hey!We put ginger in our tea.So maybe you could try putting that in the coffee?

Salt & Straw (rad ice cream shop in Portland) does a 5 spice and fennel macchiato at one of their locations. And it's really tasty. If I remember correctly, they make a fennel syrup and dust with 5 spice. Something to play with!

What about cinnamon and nutmeg?Can it be considered?

Egg drop latte? I'd like mine with extra MSG please. Seriously though, that five spice and fennel macchiato sounds awesome! I've heard of Indians putting ginger in their coffee but never the Chinese. I'd try something with the always intriguing sichuan peppercorn.

if you go chinese go with tea. they're pretty new to coffee. Yunnan, were most of the coffee from china comes from has been mostly dominated by tea farming in the past but in the last few years they're starting to plant lots of coffee. But  i don't know of any ancient traditions unless you're talk instant coffee. 

Not trying to push our product or anything... but we direct trade with a guy from China and if you want chinese coffee i can get you some. most of the coffee that you can get from china is crap, but if you know a guy, you can source some of the best coffee you ever drank. www.hanicoffee.com 

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