I just want to say, cleaning our Gb5 always causes blood loss and dizziness. The front tray cover has the sharpest edges in the world and I often use it for shaves in the morning. The worst part is if it wasn’t the greatest I would kick and body slam it, but since it knows its priceless, it just sits there and laughs at each and every slash it causes. Anyone else O negative?

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lol, i'm sorry to laugh at your pain and I can relate.
The Synesso Cyncra is the same way. Many times I have pricked a finger or nicked an elbow on the drip tray.
Ha. Have you thought of filing down the edges? just saying. I guess you can't shave with it anymore.
In sheet metal talk, it's called breaking corners and rounding or softening edges. I'm confused to hear that LM and/or Synesso are not finishing corners and edges? (really?) Most manufacturers soften all those danger points, if for no other reason than to avoid cutting themselves during assembly! It's already been said, but taking a sanding block to "the shaver" seems to be in order. Only problem there is that if the mfg. plated the sheet, sanding will expose bare metal and/or maybe reduce any mirror finishes to a rough satin. I'd fix the situation........... or have an understanding that all baristas stand a chance of becoming "blood brothers."
Yeah, I cut myself on a LM drip tray once. I blame Clint though, cuz he was playing some Emo crap.
When we had a 2 group Linea at our first coffee school location I dealt with the same issue. The GB5 is a bit better, but the drip tray could be a weapon! :)

The Barista Formerly Known As JavaJ said:
Yeah, I cut myself on a LM drip tray once. I blame Clint though, cuz he was playing some Emo crap.
Every morning when I open the cafe, as I'm cleaning the machine after my first test shots of the day I am alwaysnsure to offer a blood sacrifice to the espresso gods. My FB 70 is grateful to receive my sacrifice and blesses me with tasty shots for the day. Any day that I have enough hubris to deny the almighty FB70 its daily sacrifice...may the almighty bean and his prophet Stephen morrissey have mercy on my soul.

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