We are ineffably excited and eager to announce that Dillanos Coffee Roasters will be hosting the 2009 NWRBC January 9th-11th at the Temple Theater in beautiful Tacoma, WA.

Stay tuned for more info. I will be passing details on as soon as they come in.

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Hey guys,

Check out the new ad. Big ups to all of the sponsors! Ghirardelli stepped up big at the Platinum Level. Java Jacket, DaVinci and Forza Coffee Company have joined in at the Gold Level. Pumpskins, Rattleware and Atlas Coffee Importers have stepped up as Silver Level Sponsors. Barista Magazine as Ad Sponsor, Sunshine Dairy as Milk Sponsor and Urnex as Cleaner Sponsor!

These companies deserve a huge hand for continuing to support this great event despite how crappy the economy is right now.

I love you all, for real.


More Tacoma goodness for you all. Please enjoy a little Girl Trouble...
Hey Folks!

I wanted to encourage everyone to start sending in their Competitior, Judges and Volunteers forms as soon as possible! I expect a strong turnout for this competition so a timely response with your registration forms is much appreciated!!! See you all in Tacoma!!

Typo-free Version!

Love ya long time.

Hey Guys,

Just a heads up about the Host Hotel. First of all, the place is badass! And we got a smoking deal. However, in order to take advantage of the huge discount, you have to make your reservations by December 17th.

Please book your rooms at...


Can you post a link to the host hotel please? Word!
This going to be sweet! I cant wait, I'm coming all the way from Denver to watch and volunteer. I look forward to meeting all of you there!
Hello again!

We have just confirmed a throwdown for the Friday night of the comp!! Hell yep.

It's going to be at Black Water Cafe in Tacoma, just a few blocks from the competition venue and the host hotel.


Rachel, the owner of Black Water, is super excited to host! They have a beautiful 2 group Syneso too!!

More info coming...


So, I'm glad the ball is rolling on this and all, but I still haven't heard back from the SCAA about registration. I was super jazzed that everything was finally being taken care of, but it's now 4 weeks away, and I haven't heard back from SCAA? I know that Marcus and everyone are swamped with so much other stuff going on, but aren't there teams of people running around there getting paid to do this? Is this normal for competitor registration?
Thanks for the shout out Jay!!!

Jay Lijewski (TacomaPenna) said:

Typo-free Version!

Love ya long time.


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