hey everyone. I thought it would be fun to start a thread where we can all list bands and CD's that are great for coffee bar atmosphere's. I'll start with a few favorites:

Sam Prekop - Who's Your New Professor
Wilco - Sky Blue Sky
Peter Bjorn & John - Writers Block
The Shins - Wincing the Night Away

- Matt

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Almost all of the musicians I would suggest have already been laid out, with the exception of "Destroyer's Trouble in Dreams". That's a must have for any shop.
Nice one, Matt.

This is a public service announcement...With guitars! (The Clash)
Ike and Tina - anything
Curtis Mayfield - Superfly (of course)
Linton Kwesi Johnson - anything
Jorge Ben - older stuff
Bjork - anything
Some of those Awful/Wonderful Putamayo compilations

I just picked up a 4 cd set of really old ukulele music from Hawaii and Tin Pan Alley! Fun at 6:30A. Follow it up with some yodelling cowboys to prove that we're not just an espresso bar but also a reg'lar hoot'n'annie.

There is one barista chez-nous who plays The Stones a bit much.
And every morning after our baker has been in we have to be sure to remove all the new country cds.
Ukulele at 6:30, yodeling cowboys... bet the still-sleepy commuters eat that up. I will be trying that tomorrow - time to hit emusic and grab some uke tunes.

BTW, reading this has helped me realize how "in a rut" our shop's musical selections have been. I spun some different stuff yesterday and it was a great change. Thanks guys.
johnny cash live at folsom or san quentin, i prefer the latter
i don't know if the customers like it, but i do.
well, my music for opening this morning included the last two discs from the complete set of The Fall's Peel Sessions...
Hhhmmm ... A little "My Morning Jacket" never hurt anyone =)
I generally prefer faster music during the morning rush hours and slower jams in the evening for people to chillax

anyways, here is an eclectic list

Any KC Accidental album
A weather - cove
devendra banhart - smokey rolls down thunder moutain
mogwai - young team
any Explosions in the Sky album
pretty much any Surfjan Stevens album
Yo La Tengo - Sounds of the sounds of science
Radiohead - Kid A
Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes (this just released album is EXCELLENT)
Chamber Jazz of any sort....tin hat trio etc.
King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King
and an observation....coffee geeks have overall great taste in music I must say
....fantastic lists...
I'm such an old foggie and obviously out of touch! I had not a clue who most of these artists are! But I've had a hella time looking them up on Rhapsody.com and taking a listen...thanks for getting me current....or should I say "more" current??
Tonight a dead closing shift turned into a Justin Timberlake party. When a regular from the theatre down the street came in 10mins before close I had to awkwardly smile and tell him that I was not embarassed...to be fair, he was wearing a white crushed velvet pearl snap shirt.

Usually however a few of my favorites are:
Classic Sinatra
Death Cab can be good depending on the time/feel of the day
Copeland as many others said
and the soundtracks to Amélie and Stranger Than Fiction.
While I have very fond memories of cranking Dr. Dre's "Nuttin' But A G Thang" at 6am service back at the old Hines Public Market Coffee, I've come to prefer The Sound of Silence in a cafe environment.

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