Thats right.
I'm about to re-work my "contract" at the cafe. I've been working for Temple for over a year and a half, and I'm one of the "top dogs", so to speak. I'm on extremely good terms with the Big Kat, and I feel that, since I'll be doing more stuff with our new location (roasting, more 'cafe' responsibilities, etc), I figure I could use a little raise (the Kat has brought this up, as well). We haven't thrown around figures yet, and I want to be fair to him and myself.
As of right now, I'm just king barista: typical 40 hour+/week shifts, almost all of them weekday mornings (i.e., "the money" shifts), plus I do most of the internet work for the coffeehouse.
So, I guess the big question is: For a barista (or an employee, rather) that is going to be working the bar, doing roasting stuff (roasting, bagging, etc), website work, and maybe some other "office-paperwork" stuff, what would you consider to be a fair hourly wage?

note: This was a discussion that died (and wasn't properly worded, on my part) in the "retail coffee" forum, so I closed that and moved it over here.

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$20 an hour, plus tips.
There, I threw a number out there.

Maybe the Big Kat would be open to the idea of some sort-of profit sharing model. If you're integral to his business he might be more open to that than a fixed increase in his weekly costs. If you are incentivized to help him increase sales and net income, then it seems like a win-win for everyone. He'd probably want the payout percentage to be based on net income versus revenue. This is just an idea to throw into the discussion.
You might be the King Barista, but I am still the Emperor!

Unfortunately, that title doesn't pay anything or include benefits.
I was going to throw out what I thought, but realized, I can't speak for the cost of living where you are. So, there. Here, $15 would be appropriate for all of those duties. Factor in tippage, and you have a good little salary there. But, that's what I think, and not tied to whatever the cost of living is where you are. I remember hanging out with Andy Newbom in MN, and he said in CA where he lives, if you don't make $24 an hour minimum, you couldn't make it. That's crazy money.
John Owens!
I've thought about this, and it would work, I would just have to present it in the right verbage to the Kat. Good idea though.
But you do have J Jr.
I have a broken La Pavoni in my kitchen.
Yeah, CA is pretty high, as far as living goes, but fortunately Sacto is cheaper, by far, than San Jose, or the entire Bay Area, for that matter.
If I made $24 an hour, it would be robbery on my part.
to throw a bunch of numbers out there:

I live in Minneapolis, MN.
rent for a decent studio is 595$
student loans+

I work at a cafe avg. 52hrs./wk
my duties are opening/closing, behind the bar/register. pretty basic all around barista. no computer stuff.
I was making 9.50 before, but the owners couldn't afford to pay me time and a half overtime. I did'nt want to complain because then they'd only give me 40hours and my gross salary would be lower..

we compromised and set it up so that I'm on a salary of 550/wk
my paycheck comes every 2 weeks and it's 880.80
this avg to 10.58/hr. if you don't count time and a half for over time.
or 9.5 if you count time and a half for overtime.
so it's basically the same wage as before...

I've seen another cafe in town that offers 11.40/hr. as a living wage for baristas.

should I be looking for that job or should I feel pretty set up?



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