For all of those seasoned competitors out there, I'm seeking the tamper size for the upcoming NERBC competition. Do all the RBC's use LM Linea and if so, what is the professional preferred tamper size for your LM Linea? Of course, size does matter, basket size. So, do you bring your own baskets too?

Of course, I've read Mark's Article.

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Depending on the basket size, I would assume you need a 57mm tamper for the Marzocco. Good luck competing!

- Matt

I'm guessing though, since most competitors are pulling doubles, the standard LM basket officially "fits" at 57. In reality, though, isn't it more like a 57.5?


I think it's 57.6, actually, but I'd go on the safe side with 57.4 or something.

I know my tamper didn't fit past the ridge in the SCRBC. It was an annoyance, but nothing to stress about. Just had to be a bit more precise with things.

58mm definitely will not fit past the ridge of the newer baskets (don't know why). For some reason, 58 is just perfect for the older LM baskets (from an old Linea is the last time I verified).
You probably don't wanna be tamping past the ridge anyway.

La Marzocco is generally careful (now) to make sure the baskets are 58.0mm inner diameter right above the ridge. We've been using 58.0mm tampers with no problems.... that is, since 2005 (when there was a tamper-stuck-in-portafilter problem at the NWRBC).

Good luck!
I suppose most people don't, but I sure did!
I just received a nice Reg Barber 57mm tamper and it's definitely too small for my liking in my old Linea's new baskets. I find that it descends into the ridge and though it hasn't gotten caught in there yet I assume it will if I use it more. To overdose I would definitely recommend a 57.5 or better. I'd like to try a 58 and see how it fits in a deep, triple basket (24gm?)
So, depending on how i like the fit of tamp in the basket, I'd use a 57.x in the 2000 Linea and a 58.0 in the new linea at RBC?


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Speaking of Regional Barista Tourny's... What is going on with the Great Lakes Regional?

I heard last year during Coffee Fest at Navy Pier in Chicago that 08 would be in St. Louis, but thats the Midwest Regional. I was also under the impression that Coffee Fest was in MN this year.

I just checked out the SCAA website and there is little info on the Great Lakes but it does say the tournament will be held in Milwaukee WI.

Does any one have some info to make sense of all this? Is the GLRBC separate from the regional Coffee Fest this year?


If you like to tamp below the ridge, the newer baskets won't accept a 58mm tamper below the ridge line. So go with 57.X if you feel you need to tamp below the ridge.

If you like to up-dose, as after having read Nick's post, I suspect most do, 58mm is fine, as you won't be tamping below the ridge.

Best of luck to you!
I'm pretty sure that the GLRBC is being hosted by Alterra this year. Which sort of accounts for the location being separate from the Coffee Fest, but who knows if that's a good thing or not.
I started a new thread for the GLRBC questions here ...
CoffeeFest is in Washington DC. It alternates between DC (even years) and Chicago (odd years). Seattle is every year. Atlanta every so often as well.

The host indeed is Alterra Coffee in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From the website: "Great Lakes Regional Barista Competition (GLRBC) March 14-16, 2008 at the P.H. Dye Building in Milwaukee. Alterra Coffee Roasters is hosting the event."

As for the tamper-diameter issue, Jason, it's not "new" La Marzocco baskets that have the ridge the way they do. It's the standard La Marzocco original (OEM) double baskets that have always been that size and shape (at least for the last 5 years). Sometimes, people use other baskets, such as the Faema rounded-side baskets, but the ridged doubles are classic La Marzocco. If you're tamping below the ridge, I'd go even smaller than 57mm.

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