The Drip Station is the perfect addition to any retail coffee establishment and with the popularity of single cup brewing on the rise, it is a perfect way to expand your coffee menu.

With the simple nature of pour over coffee brewing, our new Drip Station revolutionizes the single cup brew method for a commercial retail environment. This 100% stainless steel brew station can be set up anywhere, and allows you to brew 2, or 4 cups of fresh coffee simultaneously. With the added feature of a drain, we have eliminated the messy process of emptying an over filled drain tray, which was a common nuisance of past drip stations.

Benefits of adding a Drip Station to any cafe are:

• Zero Waste - as you are only grinding enough coffee for each cup, there will never be excess coffee left over, like in an airpot, to dump out once it has lost it's freshness.

• Charge a Premium - people appreciate the attention and care involved in grinding and brewing a special cup of coffee for them. The extra theater aspect and skill of the barista can easily demand an additional 35 to 50 cents per cup.

• Ultimate Freshness - we all know the importance of grinding fresh coffee, and with the Drip Station you get the freshest cup possible for each customer. Grind, Pour, and Enjoy!

• Single Origin Coffees - Expand your coffee menu to include single origin coffees without having to brew a full pot. Offer a menu similar to that in a wine bar where customer can choose coffees from around the world. This is also a perfect solution for those often loyal decaf coffee drinkers.

MSRP on the Drip Stations is $399 ... but I am willing to sell mine for $300!. It is brand new and has never been used. Shipping will be extra. I only have two of the stations to sell, so act quick if you want one.

Email me if interested. Thanks!

- Matt

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This is very good idea and service.
I believe that the coffeehouse should make a coffee after they received a order.
I do not mind to wait if I can drink a fresh cup of coffee.
My friend in Japan sent me a picture, this caffe made own dripper table by wood using the Donut Dripper.
Extraction using a dripper need some technique.
Our decaf customers really adore the fact that they can get a FRESH cup at our shop, with this system. No waste for us, great coffee for them.

It's been more efficient for us to just use the melittas as intended, though. I'd love to see how the top shelf is cut for the filters to sit - we made stations like that, but they dripped horribly due to the coffee flow. We tried gaskets, but it didn't work out.
When I visited to introduce our unique Donut Dripper and Eco-Friendly Coffee Filter which can be used for more than 1000 pots of coffee to the local WHOLE FOODS store in Pasadena, CA. I have fund that dripper station (with 4 dripper )
at coffee counter at bakery shops. The customer can select a choice from 3 or 4 different beans, and the grained the beans and drip. They are really excited about this new service. (They will charge little bit extra).
The Whole Foods peoples are impressed our product, now sample are delivered to a head office at this moment.
I'm just want for a good news.....?
I would be interested in having a look at your donut dripper. I am in Pasadena, CA. Please email with contact info.

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