Today I am enjoying a very nice organic Sumatra from Salt Lake Roasting Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coffee always tastes better when on vacation.

All the best,


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I'm drinking espresso made with a 3-origin Mexican blend ( Chiapas, Oaxaca & Verazuz ). It's the Kijote Coffee blend.
We can't get green coffee from other countries here in Mexico, so we've had to roast and blend our own. I wish I could try some of the yummy blends you all are describing.
Ethiopia Sidamo Grade 2 French press. Soft not too acidic well balanced and a very nice aroma
Bolivia Chicoloma from Sud Yungas. Marzipan and milk chocolate. Exceedingly sweet and voluptuously silky. Gentle red grape acidity playfully dances at the finish. Remarkable considering this coffee is last year's crop, if anything it has mellowed with age and shows no signs of fading. The value of Mylar and vacuum sealed bags is evidenced in this cup, I'm glad we saved 30 pounds this long. Chemex brewed.
Sippin on some of that CCC Kenya micorlot, and switching to their El Sal micorlot. Friggin amazing stuff.
I'm not a Starbucks fan, hardly ever stop by a store, but they have an edition of Shade Grown from Chiapas(a friend's gift) , grown by Comon Yaj Nop Tic farmers that means "we all are thinking it". Good dark chocolate taste, medium to full body, orange peel notes and an outstanding almond finish. Great in French press.
I am drinking a Sunday morning French Press of Costa Rica Cafetin roasted by Stumptown. Sooo good. It is awesome, as I have been friends and email pals with Tim O'Brien and his wife Judi, who's farm this coffee is from as well as fellow bXer.
Another Sunday with my old friend, Aceh Gayo Mountain Organic as roasted by Chad at Dilworth on Monday. This cup is special because it is my first really successful Aeropress cup (did a variation of Mark Prince's upside-down "clover" method). The burnt-caramel flavor and aroma just dominates the cup. I mean burnt in only the very best sense, as in the telltale smell of the fleeting moment that home-made caramel has reached the point of perfection, this coffee is nowhere near over-roasted. Funny that I've run across hints of this in the cup before, but have never been able to put my finger on it. I think I'll have another.
Today I am enjoying a nice happy blend named Toscano by Cuvee roasting. It is an awesome blend of Brazilian, El Salvadorian(sp?) Guatemalan and Columbian Coffee.

Its a really good all day coffee.
I also am enjoying a nice Sumatra from a local roaster. He hit on the money and it is great. Today (4th) it is molasses, tobacco and a little caramel.
Reply to Joe Collins who said:
"I am enjoying a nice happy blend named Toscano by Cuvee roasting.
It is an awesome blend of Brazilian, El Salvadorian(sp?) Guatemalan and Columbian

That blend of Brazil, Guatamala. and Salvadorean :-) sounds wonderful. I enjoy South and Central Americans when blended.

Joe also said:
"Its a really good all day coffee."

Is it good all night too? :-)
Today at 5:58am I start with a shot of my Organic espresso, Organic Winds
Its windy and cool here in Britannia Beach
I rode to work and am ready to start the work day!!

Cheers to Coffee All!!!
I'm drinking 2008 harvest of Finca Cerro Paldo from Costa Rica.

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