Today I am enjoying a very nice organic Sumatra from Salt Lake Roasting Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coffee always tastes better when on vacation.

All the best,


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I had a wonderful Papua New Guinea today. Light and full at the same time, beautiful taste. Thank you Sole Roasters!
I started the day with a Brazil brew from Coffee Eiland, then had a double hazelnut cappuccino this afternoon. first time I've had a cap made by another barista in a loooong time. treat.
Today, it's single origin shots (via Americano thus far) of La Minita.

This roast turned out really well. Very happy with it. :o)
Honduras RAOS co-op, nice and simplistic with roasted coffee and dark chocolate as the primary flavor. This is going into a blend but I like to get to know it before it is a component. Nice french presser

The last bit of the Esmeralda batch #3 sample in a pour over. Floral and candied lemon. Really pretty, even ten days after roasting it is all there.
La Minita via French Press (fine grind, high dose, short brew time.. a'la Clover style).
Counter Culture Coffee
Kuta, PNG Yummmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy
Very happy to be drinking Nicaragua cup of excellence this week, mostly through aeropress
;) so fruity, citrus notes and so sweet
I am drinking an Indonesian Papuan organic arabica from an area near Mapia, West Papua. Great body, hints of ripe apricot and honey work well with predominante bitter chocolate cupping characterisics.
A cup of hot and black from my favorite New Jersey Diner - Ponzio's in Cherry Hill!
Rich, full bodied with caramel aromatics and a lingering finish.
Press pot of Ethiopian Trabocca Limu. Spicy cherry lemon pie with a chocolate orange chaser.
Pacific Bay FTO Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Smmmmmmooooth.
This morning had a pour over metal filter of the newest Sidamo from Stumptown. It's incredible, tastes like toasted marshmallows!

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