Today I am enjoying a very nice organic Sumatra from Salt Lake Roasting Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coffee always tastes better when on vacation.

All the best,


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Today I am drinking Costa Rica Heredia EP 'el tigre' that I roasted at home. It is a nice mellow, smooth tasting coffee.
Today i am enjoying a wonderful french press of Costa Rica La Pastora Tarrazu. It is bright, complex, winy and sweet.
Today I'm enjoying large amounts of water. It seems I've caught a terrible head cold/flu.

Fort those in the northern hemisphere, stay healthy during these winter months.
Cleveland's very first commercially prepared press of esmerelda, the intelli non-auction lot to be exact. lavender, maple, black tea, lemons. yum.
I enjoy today Brazilian Ipanema Dulce roasted on Civic 4 days ago. And it's amazing)))) I think that's one of the best base for espresso-blend
Today I am drinking Ancora's new Organic Celebes. This coffee reminds me of a really great, round cabernet sauvignon-- slightly spicy, fully bodied, wonderful finish.

Here's Ancora's info on it if you are interested:
Rwanda Musasa from Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Very fresh. It's excellent, especially for its meager price.
A latte with Black Cat Espresso, Davinci Vanilla, and rosetta poured by me. I don't drink these often, but I can definately see why they are so popular. I don't care how big of a coffe snob someone is, they should respect the vanilla latte as a delicious beverage.
vanilla white mocha with soy. yes, it's a weinery drink.
I am drinking a blend of micro-lot Colombians from Tolima. Thank you to Genevieve Kappler some fantastic work in Colombia. I took the leftovers from my pre-shipment sample cupping yesterday and created a truly delightful blend.

Best wishes,

Please forgive any small typos caused by the necessity of using voice dictation.
Los Luchaderos, El Salvador

These huge, low density beans are savory, vegetal, and molasses sweet at the same time. A cross breed of Bourbon and Marigojipe, the novelty of this coffee is simply an aside to the spectacular complexity of the flavor.

I brew one cup at a time through a gold mesh filter.
yerba mate lightly sweetened with honey.

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