Today I am enjoying a very nice organic Sumatra from Salt Lake Roasting Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coffee always tastes better when on vacation.

All the best,


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Counter Culture Coffee Kenya, Nyeri Kangocho Lot 4392 but a fresher batch than what I previously posted about on my blog. This is also a fantastic candidate for a single origin espresso. And of course, we are using Toscano earlier this morning to give us the morning buzz around the house.
Panama E. roasted by Brandon at Stumptown ... killer!

- m
Ethiopian Yergacheffe Idido Misty Valley. In a big cup.

Wilson, we just got a new Kenyan in to the shop the other day, not Nyeri though. I think it's Tembo AA. I'll have to try it as espresso. I know that Yergi is sooo good through a machine too.

Ever tried a Cup of Excellence as an SO espresso?
Hey Mike,
I got the idea from George Howell's Kangocho. Shannon at Coffee & Crema occasionally will get some in (and he used it in the SERBC) and it probably is the best espresso I have ever had. George Howell doesn't market it to be an espresso, but Shannon already used his Ethiopian SO Espresso and decided "what the heck, give it a try" and hit paydirt!
I think SO espresso is going to be getting more and more popular. With the type of quality growers are producing since the market crash roasters and cafe's have more access to SO's that can handle being put through a machine.

I know at the GLRBC in 07 three or four competitors were using that same Misty Valley Yergacheffe... Small world.
And we can't forget Jim7 :)
I am drinking Jittery Joes' Terrapin Wake and Bake Blend. It's from a small roaster in Athens, GA, and the blend is blended specifically for use in the Terrapin Coffee and Oatmeal Stout, also called "Wake and Bake." It's a Costa, Guat, and Zimbabwe. The Latins are roasted a little darker than I am used to, but overall, it's a good cup. Very chocolatey, and a hint of stubborn nuttiness.
A shot of Epic first thing in the morning, Intelly's New Guinea on the Clover a bit later, a Hairbender macchiato in the afternoon and now I'm pulling shots of Borogove's Gitano espresso.

Life is good.
A dual origon brazil/columbian abt 25 seconds past second crack....doppio.
Hendricks Gin and Tonic with a cucumber garnish ... oh wait ... your talking about coffee? :)
Oh, then if we arent just talking coffee, I just polished off a Sam Adams Cream Stout. I will be sleeping like a baby in a few.....
I had to leave the house super quick this morning so I had a quite nice Americano from Bainbridge Island Roasters. Great coffee, great barista. The barista said he worked at Muse up on Queen Anne and being a google junkie, I looked them up. Not great reviews on Yelp, but I get the sense they are new. In any event, I will try them. In talking to him, he seemed to know his stuff and I meant to tell him about Barista Exchange.

I went downstairs for a second one later in the afternoon, and cr&p, spilled it all over my files.


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