Hi, folks...I am soon opening a coffeehouse/lounge, and will be shopping for a point-of-sale system--preferably one that uses/feeds into QuickBooks. Any suggestions? Tips for learning to use the system with minimal stress and hassle will also be appreciated. Thank you!

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We have Coffee Shop Manager and I hate it. I looked at a lot of POS systems at coffeefest last november and the two that I really liked were Selbysoft and Focus. I would check them out first. They both feed into Quickbooks. Coffee Shop Manager just isn't as user friendly as everyone seems to imply. That's just my opinion.
You might try Restaurant Maid. I downloaded and tryed out about 5 different pos programs. For $40 bucks not $4000 Restaurant Maid rocks! Brendan
We have been using Coffee Shop Manager since opening. We have been able to setup several screens with our speciality drinks as well as utilize the espresso builder screen for our espresso based drinks. When we first opened we did not use the Quickbooks link but after looking a bit further at it we were able to begin moving the data directly into Quickbooks. I now load my daily z-report into Quickbook without changes. I'm always interested in what new POS systems are available but at this point CSM seems to be working well for us.
Thank you VERY much for the responses and suggestions. They are very helpful.
Hi John,
It's been a little while since you posted this orginally so I'm sorry that I missed it earlier! If you would like to look over POS information or look at a demonstration, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'm more than happy to show you the quickbooks interface.
Mike@SelbySoft.com (800-454-4434)
AP Dining and Halo are two I would consider.

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