If anyone of you were applying for a horticulture scholarship, how would you relate (career wise) horticulture (which is the study of growing plants and the plants themselves) back to coffee.

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My first thought would be to compare and contrast the flavor and aroma qualities of the various cultivars of coffee; Bourbon, Mundo Nove, Caturra, Catuaii, Typica, Geisha, etc,,,,,

Then you could study the planting and farming techniques used and how it effects taste and aroma; shade grown, sun grown, low grown high grown, strictly high grown, organic, etc,,,,
Is there a career in that?
A good person to talk to would be Shawn Steiman I believe he just recently finished a horticulture degree in Hawaii, and was focusing on coffee, and coffee plants.

Good luck.
If you were an agronomist working at origin, than it would be included in your responsibilites to know this...but to make this a career - probably not. However you can study and then present your findings and conclusions at educational seminars.

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