I have been wanting to just travel to some coffee farm that is safe and other fun things to do. Learn about the process and see the coffee plant first hand (besides looking at my potted ones on my shelf). I also wanted to make a group trip out of it, that way everyone learns alot. I think here at the 'Exchange' we could get a nice group together and make something great of it.

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Great idea Will. I know there's plenty on here who would be up for it.
If there can be a group to plan out the trip, I would be up for it. Are you thinking central/south america, africa, indonesia? In south america there are a whole bunch in peru and bolivia, and everyone is willing to share the secrets of creation and show off the farms.
You know I haven't done much research but I would want to find a farm that is nice in size and has other areas of attractions. Perhaps an area that we can see both wet and dry process. I recently watched The Passionate Harvest with Ken Davids and Bruce Milletto doing production and it looked like Guatamala was a very nice place. But we also need to think about cost. So with that said maybe Brazil. But if we can gather some interest, make some connections I think we can get something really great.
I am interested
Any ideas where to start? I was thinking, we could try to find someone that has connections within the roaster to farm side, that way perhaps we could trek that way. Also it would be great if we could get sponsers of some shape or form, thus resulting in lower costs. Once we figure out where we are going and maybe a company and/or tour guide we can go from there setting dates and figuring out funds and such.
A translator would also be very nice. I liked the farms I saw in South America, but I would really love to visit Central American farms this time around. All in all, a trip to those countries is not too expensive, for a two week tour I would estimate something around 1500 per person, including air fare. I could not foresee the travel going beyond 2000 in cost.
I'm am definitely interested in traveling in a group with the same goals in mind for the trip.
Keep me informed!
When do we leave?
There are several growers on this site, perhaps we could just ask one of them?
LETS LEAVE NOW!!!.....I wish! I will contact someone around the Exchange that I think could help, and please anyone else interested please ask around too. But I do belive our first step should be finding another organization that has gone and done this before. Maybe not this large but to some degree know about going to another countries farm. Once we figure out whom we can work with I think we can go far as setting dates, looking around for support and etc.
Any new interests or ideas from anyone?
Count me in, if at all possible!! I like the idea of "Lets go now!!!"
Hello there, Im a coffee grower from Guatemala. I represent the best plantations in Antigua Guatemala, in fact one of our plantations have a five star hotel, you give your budget and I will work with those numbers. Please visit www.kafesguatemala.com and go to visit the plantation area. I can put an entire package for u, and I will be your tour personal guide , we provide the transportation and anything else for you guys. The plantations are in Antigua Guatemala and since my family is involved in the tourism side in Guatemala, I can put together an entire tour not only for Antigua but Lake Atitlan coffee region. I need to know how much time, and ur budget per person and when are you planning to do this. Spirit have really good deals for airtickets and I had worked with them indeed. The tour includes a visit to Kafe Kids program escuela integrada , my company Kafes Guatemala supports and work directly with this school, as the founder of KG I believe I need to help my own people indeed.

best regards

Pablo Castaneda
Founder and President
Kafes Guatemala.
When I said we have a five star hotel, that means if our prices are to expensive , I can get you other hotel options, even to really live the Guatemalan experience indeed with a Guatemalan family. In the plantation you get to see the entire process of harvesting , cuping, roasting. We have horse rides, zip line tours (from 200 to 1640 feet) , 7 rides all together and you can tour Antigua town. Depending on your time and budget I can tailor a tour as well for RIO DULCE area, an awesome tropical place 4 hrs from Guatemala city so you get to experience a different experience of our caribbean sites. Something really important you need to consider with whoever you tour in any Latin Country, is the safety matters, make sure you get a local that knows your culture and it is not going to put your life in danger taking you to unsafe places. Remember that for us as Latin Americans, violence situations are an everyday experience, believe me... but for you guys it is way different. Be aware of that as your safety is NUMERO UNO compadre.

Take care

Pablo Castaneda

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