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Beautiful poured art. What kind of chocolate syrup is used when you do the syrup designs? I can't seem to find a good one, yet.
Hey All!!!

Beautiful work - but here's a challenge - a good freind of mine swears he watched Fritz Storm (why did my mother not give me such a name?!) etch the Taj Mahal in about thirty seconds!

Best one wins prize of cheap and nasty tourist tat from London if you do!!!

I love my job!

I just poured my first rosettas in an 8 ounce paper cup. It was easier than I thought it would be. I am trying to do it in smaller and smaller cups. Now, it's time to learn another design, I just need to figure out which one. Out of habit, I automatically make rosettas, so I'll have to break that, I guess.

Here you are... some of my stuff...
Here's mine!
Great heart!

Hey, is it possible to do a shamrock?
sort of. a few girls at my shop have done more of a heart/blob and etched the sides in to make one... not sure if you can free pour a complete shamrock though..
Yes it is. You just pour 3 hearts with the point connecting them toward the center. No etching necessary. I I poured a few on the day of green and just didn't have a photo taker handy. I will do a few this weekend and post to show.

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