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firebreathing pacmans are cool:) haha...
But yeah, I always hold it by the handle... i've never seen anyone do it any other way.. guess you'd burn your hand or something... but it's all in the wrist :) :)
I use the pitcher most of the time. Unless I'
m pouring into a filter blind or some other tiny place. Then I find the pitcher curve is better. I do know others who do quite well with the opposite. Who knows!
I always hold it by the handle with two fingers...

macchiato tulip
All in the wrist?

Not necessarily. I keep my wrist pretty much locked, and move from the elbow.

Yeah, in fact, my wrist doesn't move at all.

Cowabunga dude!
i hold jug in same way. have started to lift cup away from counter -dunno why.
the only picture of my coffee i have is attached
Very, very nice.
Wow, these pictures are sick! I'm barely holding down a rosetta, but I'm practicing every day!
I wanna learn to be as great as you guys !!! Here's my BEGINNER LATTE ART oh .. and it's in a paper cup ! lol

nice Loren! Keep it up! Looks great!
lol thanks Jason!

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