Cool article from the Associated Press talking again about how many baristas are making their tenure in the coffee industry a career. Was thrilled to be part of this article, and cool that was mentioned twice, good work everyone!

(Even though one of my quotes is a bit scrambled, I promise I know basic grammar! :) Cool to see Pete Licata get some great exposure, along with other industry friends!

From the article:

"Being a barista has come a long way since Starbucks Corp. first brought the latte to mainstream America during the 1990s. Today's baristas aren't just slinging joe as a part-time job; many consider it a career, go through extensive training, face off in competitions and trade tricks at Web sites such as"

"There's an infinite amount to learn about coffee," says Milletto, who also runs the barista social networking Web site "And, really, I think people fall in love with not only the quality aspects of serving a kind of a more specialty or gourmet beverage, but it's also the community that goes along with it."

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Way to represent!
Sweet! I totally recognize where this picture was taken! Cool article...I'm glad that more people are starting to "get it." This is really awesome.
Mike said:

Way to represent!
I was slightly off camera downin some whiskey.
I'm just glad that Jared looks super faded in this picture.
It's totally an obsession for me... i love even coffee theory.
nice foto of the Serrano hearing it from the Milleto while Jared snores it up.
Nice. Good work, as always in reflecting all the hard work some of us put forth to take pride in our professions. Excellent warrior.
Good on ya mate! As the wife of a supreme coffee enthusiast and dare I say barista extraordinaire... we too have seen the progression...starbucks...joe aspirations...a little and taking) and the sharing of tricks in the trade. I am happy to say I'm hooked on the culture and I truly have fallen in love. Can't wait to see and experience what comes next. Thanks for mainstreaming the BEAN!

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