Somehow, through no fault of my own, I am on the Starbucks mailing list. And the other day, I got a very polite, over-the-top email inviting me to check out their new Shared Planet site:

What do we think, peoples?
I notice it is "ethically traded" not Fairtrade - and frankly the "quiz" is .... *rude word*. See what you think!

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No disrespect intended (tongue in cheek), but I think all the small(er) roasters who have direct relationships with growers- do the trips, participate actively in developing community infrastructure in origin countries and are passionate about what they do- live coffee and not just "spin" will not be surprised by this. Of course the shared planet site is not aimed at coffee proffessionals.

I also note that My Eduardo Porras, "supplying coffee to Starbucks since 2004 "(the first picture I see once I skip the intro) looks pretty wealthy for your average coffee farmer- note the mobile phone on belt, the very nice wristwatch etc. Maybe Costa Rican coffee growers are not badly off....I have meet a lot of growers here (Indo), only the brokers look this wealthy!!

Hey, maybe I am just being cynical.... but I think Bel's hit this one nicely on the head. 2 thumbs down :((
wow... that was bullshit
Joe Smith said:
wow... that was bullshit

Nicely put. My sentiments entirely.
I say that starYucks is living up to their name and their image. Both of which I have never thought much of.

And the last time I checked...a quiz contains more then 2 questions. That aspect is completely pointless, stupid, etc.
I think that in reinventing themselves, they have somehow forgotten to take into account the fact that the market they originally pioneered is now older and more savy. Whats the saying KrisK has "take the blinkers off"?

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