In Celebration of reaching the 3000 member mark at Barista Exchange. and bX have joined together to create the first of many Barista Exchange T Shirts.

The Viva Barista logo has been screened onto the front of 100% cotton T shirts and on the upper mid back is the Barista Exchange logo.

The Shirt Color is Army Green, just as the original Viva Shirts offered a few years back.

Click Here to order your shirt today!

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Thanks for the XXL....Husky for president!
Terry Z said:
We do have the XXL in stock, so no troubles. I will have the option added so that you can choose it.


Jason Dominy said:
I, too, would need a XXL shirt, or as I like to call it, "Husky."
Any chances to find them at coffee fest?
Yep we will have them at Coffeefest for sure!
got one. dey schweet
Picked mine up at the 'fest today. Those espressoparts crazies were rockin'.
Got my shirt, and LOVE it! Sweet retro Viva Barista design. Love the color, too.
I'm wearing mine right now ... (since all of my clothes are in wash, been on the road for two weeks straight! :)
Sweet. I approve.
I think the green is standard..>A Che Rivera style
got me one and love wearing it
I think these are so sweet I even referenced it in a blog post. Maybe someone will get me a present!
ohhh fancy :) I just might have to pick one up.

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