I have been roasting my own beans at home on a small home roaster for a couple of years but still feel like a total novice. I have been ordering my green beans from www.sweetmarias.com but would like to purchase them locally if possible. I would also like to learn how to become a better home roaster. Any ideas?

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check with your local roasters
where are you located?
I am in Seattle
Matt Milletto said:
where are you located?
www.greencoffeebuyingclub.com has some pretty good discussions about home roasting. you can also get beans.

What is your roaster?
Sandy is right, most local roasters usually will sell greens to home roasters. Most are also a bundle of knowledge about the origins they roast.
Hi - I started home roasting last year and have learned a ton by reading and experimenting. I'll be learning for years to come, but one resource that has helped me so much besides the internet has been Kenneth David's book Home Coffee Roasting. Also, I took the Intro to Craft Roasting workshop at this past year's SCAA conference. Besides studying roasting itself, I think learning about cupping goes hand in hand with becoming a better roaster.

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