From the Fresh-roasted, hand-pulled shots (pulled on a Rancilio class-6 leva machine) that blends dark chocolate with soft notes of red fruit to tantalize the palate, to the traditional, spicy chai (allow 3 minutes for the steeping to complete, each drink is hand-crafted) to the wonderful Afogatos made with fresh Stella Gelato, Spella Caffe' is one of the best places, if not the best place to go for your daily espresso fix. Served in the true Italian fashion with warmth and a smile, Andrea Spella is a real master of the craft. You can take it to go, but why do that when you can enjoy your espresso in a thick ceramic demitasse right there, take a minute, enjoy the sights and sounds around you, savour the moment, try a piece of espresso-fudge brownie, made with Spella's espresso, or a homemade biscotti made with Cardomom from the plantation at Karnataka where one of the unique coffees that he brews up daily also comes from.
Whatever you choose here, you won't be disappointed. Check it out!

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I have been to Spella, very cool! I dig the great coffee in a street food type environment. To clarify, the address is SW 9th and Alder St. Portland, Oregon ... Steve, maybe you can update the map link in the post.
To have folks like Andrea Spella and Steve Lanphier prepare your coffee is to know that you're being served by the most passionate and knowledge driven people around. It simply doesn't get much better than that, so I implore you, indulge yourselves!
Andrea! I stopped by yesterday with my class ... 4:10 :( see you next month on our coffee crawl. :)
Must check this out... this weekend. See you there!

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