I'm going to be up in Seattle for CoffeeFest and I was wondering what the good cafes are in the downtown area. I'm looking for places that have a good mocha and a great ambiance. I've looked at the cafe reviews section, but didn't find any for Seattle in there yet.


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can't wait to listen to the blog I just noticed you did with Matt!

Nicely said:
Trabant was definitely tasty!
oh man there is a circuit i just did. lets see if i can remember in order. from the convention center up pike? first on the left side you hit victrola then ... i wish i had the map i made still, but keep going up and you come to cafe vita and just a few blocks more is the new stumptown. great little circuit. guaranteed to get you wired. enough even to walk east to capital hill for some vivance my personal favorite also...(although stumptown brews up the best spro. - vivance has it all, ambience, coffee finesse and they are so fun to watch.
the infamous seattle V's..... Vivace (alley 24 and roasteria) Victrola Vita

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