Just curious what people are reading out there. In particular books having to do with Coffee, Espresso, the business of coffee, history of coffee, whatever. Im currently reading Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee & How it Transformed our World by Mark Pendergrast. Good book. Lots of History & Coffee politics. I'll be done with it soon so Im looking for something else to read.

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Just finished Uncommon Grounds, really a great book. Will probably look for Devil's Cup next week (I know my library has it). I've got a show going on this weekend thats turned out pretty slow so I was able to pick off the last 100 pages of Uncommon Grounds & so far almost 200 pages into Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential (you know I just realized we're all quoting titles of books, you're supposed to underline Titles of books..sorry grammar ferry). Kitchn Confidential isnt a coffee book but its a pretty good luck into the dirty secrets of the restaurant industry. Im sure allot of us have restaurant backgrounds and probably alot of the same things going on in the coffee shops. A fun & quick read. I should have it finished tomorrow....now I wish I had picked up another book last week at the library! Didnt expect to be able to read so much this weekend. Sucks really...cause Im not selling anything!
I hope you enjoyed Uncommon Grounds. I don't think there could be a better history. I was scanning through, didn't see it, but "God in a Cup" by Michaele Weissman I think is about as Third Wave as your going to get, and up to date. Jeff Watts (Intelli), Peter G (CCC), ect, ect. are featured and followed.
Bean Business Basics... again and again! by Arvidson- Milletto- and Bogart.
I have also re-read The Perfect Cup.
God in a Cup by Michaele Weissman
Uncommon Grounds by Mark Pendergast

now reading
The Espresso Quest by Instaurator
Dude Starbucked is great. I'm a bit late replying but hay it is. And funny cause I can relate to it being working at Starbucks for some time. Looking forward to reading Devils Cup though.
Much luv
Vanessa Edwards
Well my local Library system sucks! They've got Uncommon Grounds which I finished this past weekend & now Im waiting on Devil's Cup to come to my local branch today so I can start reading it. But thats it out of all of these books everyone is suggesting! I guess noone in Memphis is reading about coffee. One of our local "Private" sector library has a copy of God in a Cup but I think I have to pay for a library card there since i dont live in the city. might as well buy the book for that! Guess I'll have to be content with Devil's Cup for a while & then maybe start watching the used places for some of the others to buy.
I bought _Devil's Cup_ on a business trip to Singapore, at Kinokuniya (one of my favorite bookstores) .

The book starts off well, but I wasn't too crazy about the ending; a bit too Hunter S. Thompson for me. But an interesting read nonetheless...
Anything new in the coffee book world? Havent any replies since 08 so I know theres gotta be some new books out there. What are we reading out there?
Just finished God in a Cup. Fun read.

Currently working thru Javatrekker by Dean Cycon and Antony Wild's Coffee, A dark History.
Great book. I've got it sitting on my coffee table right now waiting on a reread. Sadly my local library doesnt have Javatrekker or Coffee a Dark History (actually, they have no coffee books!)

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