Im curious to know what everyone's Favorite brew method would be? Lets say for this conversation we leave out Espresso. Lets stick with other methods. Drip, French Press, Vacuum, Balance Brew, Turkish, Perculator, boiling coffee with egg yokes, whatever. Just curious what different types of brew methods us professionals are using out there. Follow up question, if you have a shop, do you use that method in your shop? As I bring this discussion up I am brewing myself a cup of Tanzanian Peaberry, Bring about 10oz of fresh cool water to about 180
degrees in a cast iron tea pot & pour the water through 2tbsp finely ground coffee in a paper filter straight into a hot heavy mug. Unadulterated & pure. I normally only brew myself coffee 1 cup at a time but if I was brewing more than 1 cup, then I prefer the Vacuum Brewer (I have a Bodum Santos for that) or the Balance Brewer (same basic principal of the Vacuum Brewer but looks cool!)

You also can never go wrong with a good French Press. But for the most part I make my daily cup 1 drip at at time whether it be hand poured or an electric "drip drip". How about you? How do you prefer to wet your daily grind? Happy Brewing,
Bella Caffe

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For me it has to be French Press. Even over espresso. Then again, as a barista in a train station I only ever serve espresso and filter, so french press is a bit of a change for me. Lovely drink.
French press. With the secondary sediment filter. Works every time.
French press for me.
i like the pressbot but every now and again i do dig the chemex
does any one use a mokka pot or a brikka? how about a vietnamesse coffee brewer? i am experimenting with new and old methods.

i would like to maybe one day open a brew bar and just serve brewed coffee by different methods, sell whole bean and brewing equipment.

Its amazing how the best brew methods only cost pennies (melitta (ca.$3.oo) fr. press (ca.$1o.oo) even a chemex or moka pot is under $3o.oo.
great discussion topic btw. lets think about what we drink and why... again.
I used the Mokka Pot all the time to make my coffee for Tiramisu. We also used something similar to the Brikka (really it was just a 2oz Mokka) for espresso shots when a customer would order an espresso at the Italian Restaurant I was managing (that is until I finally got the owner to buy an espresso machine).
Chis/Dale, I havent used the Pressbot. Is that the Press that fits into a water bottle for camping & stuff? The problem I would have with that (assuming in fact this is how it works) is that once the coffee is brewed, the grinds stay in the coffee while you drink it. Of course you could pour it out of the water bottle into a cup but Im sure most people just drink straight from the bottle. Or maybe Im comparing it too much to those Coffee Press mugs Ive seen where your mug is the press & you drink straight out of it once its brewed (again, leaving the grinds to continue steeping in your cup). Doesnt make for the best cup of coffee. When I camp, I usually stick with either a small 2oz mokka pot or just bring my melitta manual cup drip cone (which is small & lightweight). Although if Im camping where weight isnt an issue & we do most of our coffee drinking at night, I'll fill up a Nalgene water bottle with about 6 shots of espresso, Bailey's Irish Creme & Kahlua & add some of the mix to instant hot chocolate. Great for warming up around the camp fire!
I need to pick up a Chemex pot. Like I said at the beginning more often than not I just make myself a cup with the manual drip method which is the same as the its a good looking coffee pot. I would actually use that it my shop for single cup requests if someone wants a coffee that wasnt brewed that day.
French Press for me. We have a small coffeeshop on the Historic Town Square in Collierville, TN. (BTW - Hello Mitch!) When we were testing coffees prior to opening our coffeeshop that was how we tested all of them. We make Frech Press in our shop and it sells much better than I ever thought it would - at least one/day. Which I think is pretty good for a mostly *BKS crowd.

We have a single serve press as well as a larger one for two - three people. We use the specialty coffee of the day - today it is a very good Costa Rican - yesterday it was a great Tanzanian Peaberry! (which I have learned is Mitch's favorite! We'll have it more often. I promise.)
Actually Im partial to either Ethiopia Yrgacheffe or Papua New Guinea Red Mountain but I dont get much of an opportunity to drink either of those since I cant order from the Roaster as often as I would like. Usually when I am cupping a new roaster I prefer to get Tanzanian Peaberry since I've tried that Bean with every roaster I've ever dealt with & its a good one for me to compare with. Almost every roaster has a Tanzanian. I do also enjoy a Sumatra Mandheling Pawani.
The older methods Mike was on about, I recently tried a Turkish Coffee at work, made with an Ibrik and a hotplate. That was nice. One of my regulars went to Turkey and brought back some pre-ground coffee, so we brewed it up with a little sugar. Very fruity, with some stron oak flavours. Reminded me of waking up in a forest when I was still in the Territorial Army lol.

As for the Chemex, I've heard nothing but good things, but never tried it myself. I'll have to get my hands on one.
I love my chemex! though it is basically a glorified pour over brewer it has a different kind of filter paper that seems to let more body through to the cup. If you've never tried a chemex brew I recommend giving it a shot. Also I recently got my hands on an areopress and I am very impressed with the resulting cup, plus it is very portable and easy to take on the go.
French press. has to be French press. never seen any other brewing method that can preseve all flavors.
french comes the nearest to perfection.

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