As we hit our 10,000 member milestone, I thought it would be fun to hear from our members some stories of how you have benefited or used bX. Feel free to share with the rest of us stories that might be interesting and help new and existing members best utilize the website. Share with us and we will keep this thread going for members who want to tell about a bX experience. Thanks!


It has been quite the experience watching this site grow organically over the past 2 and a half years and I am so thrilled that so many
people are utilizing the site for exchanging information, meeting new
people, learning about specialty coffee, opening new cafes, finding
jobs, learning about new companies via our partners, etc.

I would like to thanks all of our current and past partners, friends and member supporters for making this site a

Current Partners:

American Barista & Coffee School
Nuova Simonelli
Espresso Parts
Chirardelli Chocolate
SelbySoft POS
Sweetbird & Zuma
Toper Roasters
Urnex Brands/Puro Caff
Prima Coffee
Eurocafe Imports
Coffee Shop Manager POS
Barista Magazine
Cafe Design & Architecture
Coffee Fest

Also a huge thanks to our Moderation team!

Jason Dominy
, Brady Butler, Jason Haeger, Terry Ziniewicz

Past Partners:

PT's Coffee
Everything Coffee & Tea
Gosh That's Good/Bev Rev
Two Leaves & a Bud Tea Co.

Friends of bX:

Fresh Cup Magazine
Food GPS
Go Coffee Go
Specialty Coffee Association of America
Barista Guild of America
United States Barista Competition

I also want to personally thank our bX Member Supporters as well.

- Matt

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Barista Exchange has been the ideal place for me to connect with fellow coffee professionals to exchange information, pick each other's brains, and learn new things. I also have had fantastic luck in hiring people through this site. It's one of my favorite resources for geeking out on the details of coffee life. Thanks Matt!

Awesome! Thanks Becki, and glad you are enjoying bX!

- Mm

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