Reasons to Add an Outdoor Patio for Your Coffee Shop

As a restaurant owner, you should always be on the lookout for ways to increase your total dining space. Not only do patrons enjoy being able to spread out, but more space also allows you to increase your overall capacity. More people in the restaurant at a time means more profits for you. If you own a cafe, then creating an outdoor patio is one of the best ways to extend your space. Here are four reasons why you should hire builders, buy some patio heaters, and create an outdoor seating area for your cafe.

Increase Capacity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

While vaccines have arrived and the end is in sight, the current pandemic seems like it will continue for another few months, at least. Many states, counties, and municipalities are limiting the capacity for restaurants, especially when it comes to indoor seating. Opening an outdoor patio will allow you to increase capacity while honoring social distancing regulations. It will also invite patrons who prefer not to eat inside for fear of infection.

Attract Patrons Who Prefer to Sit Outside

Even during normal, non-pandemic times, some people simply prefer sitting outside. Perhaps they love fresh air, or maybe they think small, indoor spaces fill unpleasantly with the sound of voices. Whatever their reasons, they’ll be more likely to patronize your cafe once you install outdoor seating.

Use Your Outdoor Space to Attract Customers off the Street

Not only does an outdoor patio improve the customer experience, but it also serves as a giant advertisement for your business. Some passersby might not notice the sign above your door, but the pleasant patio full of happy customers will certainly attract their attention. They’ll also notice the delicious drinks on the tables, inspiring them to come in and check out your menu.

Host Special Events

An outdoor patio will provide an excellent space for small parties and functions. These types of events are often challenging for cafes because they require additional space. While you can’t rent your whole indoor dining area for a party, you can certainly set aside the outdoor space while business-as-usual carries on inside.

Any decent owner is on the constant lookout for ways to improve their business. If your cafe has extra outdoor space, then creating a comfortable patio is a great way to increase space and boost sales. With so much to gain and little to lose, you should start work on your patio today.

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